November 29, 2017

Carter Lance Birth Story

Carter Lance McGee finally made his arrive!! 40 weeks 1 day! My longest pregnancy! It was also my first induction!  So Monday morning we got in the van Lance and me and my Mom and away we went to showlow! We stopped at McDonald’s cause i wanted an egg McMuffin lol so i  had an egg sausage McMuffin and hash brown we got to the Hospital about 5 minutes to 8 and they got us all situated in our room My nurse Candy came in checked me and still a 3 cm and 75% effaced. So Pitocin was started and the fun began! Thankfullly my IV went in great! No problems! Pit started at 9 am and the fun started. Contractions were coming but not painful and nothing very strong so pit kept increasing by lunch time 12-1 Candy said Dr Richardson would come in and break my water during his rounds so Lance finally met Dr Richardson and. I was 3.5 centimeters still high but water was broken. I forget how awful the feeling is when your water breaks lol.

Things were still slow moving we walked the halls, rolled on the ball, walked around in the room, sat with my legs in butterfly position it was the most comfy! but my Pit topped off at a 9 because my contractions were consistently coming and doing well.  Around 5 ish maybe 4:30 was a 6 and I was getting a little discouraged that he wasn’t dropping/ engaging contractions were 1-2 min apart around 5 at 6 the nurse shift changed and the new nurse checked me and I was a 7/8  90% effaced baby still high!! I was in the wrorst amount of pain EVER! Pit really makes the contractions 1000x times more intense!!! I mentioned an epidural pretty early on lol but around 6 I was wanting  the Epidural and asking and giving up and miserable so after they checked Lance and mom were like you are almost there you got this!

Seriously I did not have it!! the pain was so painful I could not get my mind in the right focus and relax it was so hard to relax because of the intensity of the contractions! They felt like they were just a few seconds in between them and hardly any rest time for me! So i. Decided 30 more minutes and then I’m getting that epidural!! Well the dude took longer to get in the room!! But 7pm came and I was ready for my Epidural!!! So i pushed the nurse button Lance and mom asked what i needed I said an Epidural!!!!!! Well they finally made it in and they said I needed to sit at the edge of the bed holy cow I could barely move it hurt so bad and my nurse Sophia said if you want the epidural you have to sit on the edge of the bed with that i took a deep breath and moved!! i wanted that Epidural!! Well a contraction came and Stood up to help relieve the pain and immediately felt like i needed to push with it! Lance told me to breath and I looked at him and said i feel like i need to push! The drug dude was like what!? You need to check her now!  So Sophia checked me and sure enough 9.5 and he was lower so she said she was going to get Dr. Richardson. The drug dude was not happy and stated well at this point the risk outway the benefits and I’m not putting you or me in that position and he left and Dr Richardson came in to check me I was already pushing some with the contractions he came in and said yup when you feel like pushing go ahead!  No epidural for me! To late so nurses started coming in and prepping the bed to deliver and I started Pushing A LOt!! I was waiting for contractions to push but dr Richardson seeing baby’s heart rate  finally stated no we need to get this baby out now push! Take a deep breath hold it and push!! This baby needs to get out now. He was calm about it but very assertive and meant business so I knew it was urgent and i needed to give it my all and the. Some the nurses pulled my legs up and pushed down on my tummy and I pushed!!! Head came out and then shoulder got a little stuck and Dr Richardson was really working to get this little miracle out of me safety and sure enough out he came Lance said it was about 5 pushes and he was out it felt like forever and not at the same time lol 7:32pm Carter came Earthside and they placed him right on me the first time they ever did that Lance is usually the first to hold them but not this time! Dr cut the cord cause no one else wanted too! Lol and he was perfect! i could not believe he was here!! FINALLY!!!!!

Dr Richardson gave me a few stitches nothing bad at all thank heavens!!! i am so happy with my choice of doctor and so glad he was able to be there to deliver Carter!! This Rainbow Baby was totally worth the wait!! I got to spend 2 hours skin on skin!! It was great!! He nursed and then they took his measurements!!

8lbs 12 oz
21 3/4 in long

14 3/4 head circumference
14 3/4 chest

He is a healthy baby!! Came home at 8 lbs 8 oz from the hospital he is sleeping great and very calm content baby!! He doesn’t like to be cold and loves to snuggle! He is getting the hang of this nursing thing. i can not believe he is here and that I didn’t get an Epidural! Lance and mom were amazing support coaches and were giving me so much encouragement even when I had no more faith in myself! After dr Richardson left my nurse said well your epidural would be kicking in about now if you got it wouldn’t have worked for you. That made me feel a little better. But holy cow! Pit is brutal and inductions are rough but I am so grateful we did it and that he came when he did!!  Thank you for all the prayers and positive vibes everything went Great!! Lance and my mom were awesome! i could not have done what I did without them!  Another successful birth with no pain meds. Recovery so far has been better than Kensley not as great as Emily’s but i don’t mind!

January 1, 2017

Hello 2017

So my usual run down of the past year 2016 was busy and eventful!

January - started out great! I was in my 3rd round of 21 day fix feeling great then got hit with h the flu and so did the entire family. Then my Grandma Johantonwqsnt doing so good and it wasn't looking good.

February- My grandma Johnston passed away and then I ran my first Half marathon!! And it was amazing and such a great experience it also brought Lance telling me he felt like maybe Mesa wasn't where we should be we got a new nephew born on Emily's birthday!

March- came and Spring break was in Young and I got a call that Lances sweet Grandma McGee passed away a surprise to say the least. Than 1 week later Kensley, Emily, me and My niece Madison were in a horrible T bone auto accident that was very traumatic and scary and it's a miracle we are all alive but it left K with a brain bleed and all of us hurting she spent a couple of nights in the PICU and then the day after she got released we had Grandma McGees funeral. It was the week from you know where. But also a week where miracles happened!!

April- found us with the confirmation that Holbrook would be our new Home!  Pats run with my sister in law.

May- was our 9th anniversary celebration! A surprise pregnancy and a very early miscarriage. Lots of preparation for our move to Holbrook

June- was the great move to Happy Holbrook! And Family reunions! And a great month full of fun memories!

July- / August was a great 4th with family visiting! And another half marathon under my belt that kicked my bootay!! And us buying a house in Holbrook!! And moving into it!! Family reunion and another sweet family member Lances sweet cousin Ella returning to her heavenly home. And my Grandpa Coleman passing away too. Kensley started Preschool! Lance opening his new practice!

September-  Kensley turned 4 and I started watching My niece:)  and we got another surprise positive pregnancy test!! Baby mcgee was due June 2017

October: we went to young for fall break! And I miscarried at almost 7 weeks.

November: lots of blood work tests, a neon light run in New Mexico with my family and another pregnancy and miscarriage:(  but thanksgiving was awesome!

December: my birthday! More blood tests a great Christmas in our new home with just our little family and lots of daily time! It was awesome!

We had so many ups and down this last year and it taught me that 1. Life is fragile! You never know when your day will come when you will return home. Enjoy every moment! 2. Miracles happen! The Lord is so aware of us and our needs and he loves us so much! 3. Have faith in the middle. 4. Love love love truest is all that matters love your children love your spouse your siblings spread the love! 5th life is hard and thought and beautiful and wonderful! You can't truest appreciate the good times without the hard times.  And last but not least there is opposition in all things. Keep the faith find your joy and believe in good things to come!

We have been so blessed this last year and I pray I can always remember how good The Lord was to us in 2016 and to be more mindful of my blessings and of others for 2017

February 27, 2016

I can do Hard Things

Like for example the Phoenix Half Marathon!! I can't believe I ran 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 2 minutes! It was such an emotional run! So it all started when I asked my support/ challenge group to text me encouraging words while on my run. I had 2 texts before the race started and it meant so much to me! Than I got one in the course just when I needed it! I was so overwhelmed by these amazing woman supporting me! And then I was really starting to just want to give up and I saw a sign with my name on it and another amazing woman in my challenge group cheering me and another woman in our group on!!! I wanted to hug her! It was just what I needed and as I passed her my eyes began to water. I was blown away that this sweet lady would take the time to make a sign and stand out and cheer us on!!! Then mile 9 came and I was toast! My right hip was in so much pain I was so ready to be done! But I put my face towards the sun and just soaked up the sun took a deep breath and kept moving! Then Taylor swifts playlist ended and I chose Katy Perry and mile 11 I was feeling good jamming out to my Katy Perry and then mile 12 was rough I knew I was so close and had to keep my pace up if I wanted to finish in my goal time and then for whatever reason i turned on alma school and started getting choked up and crying I was getting so close to the finish and all I could think about was how my amazing body was pushing though! How the only reason I was doing as good as I was was because the end of October last year my sister wanted me to do a 21 day challenge with her and how I said yes and got online and ordered 21day Fix. If I didn't do that I wouldn't have been doing what I am doing physically and emotionally. I am not only changing my outward appearance but I'm changing how I talk and feel about myself and my body. I CAN do HARD things!! I'm stronger than I think and I am happy. It was such an eye opting uplifting moment that all I could do was say a prayer of thanks and gratitude towards my body , 21day fix, my family for their support, and my amazing beachbody coaches and challenge groups! A year ago I wouldn't have been able to do what I did today! It was such an amazing feeling and experience and so uplifting to my soul. I'm so happy and so proud of myself for the hard work I have done and for believing in myself again. 

January 14, 2016

Stronger than Yesterday

Last October  my sister called and asked if I wanted to do the 21 Day fix challenge with her. I knew I wanted to and my mom would do it with me too! Which is great! So we ordered our pack and November started our challenge. I love 21 day fix! It's become a lifestyle change that I needed! I'm working out 6 days a week and eating healthier portions! It's been so fun to see the difference in how I feel more energy clothes fitting better and I love that my girls are seeing their mommy being active and strong. It's not about getting skinny for me. It's about being healthy and strong. I have 2 beautiful girls who look to me for an example and I want them to have a positive outlook on their bodies and know that being healthy is what's important and taking care of yourself. Self care is not selfish I have come to learn how important that is!  I am excited to see what 2016 brings! 

December 7, 2015

Like a ton of bricks

There are days that I am doing really good and days that are really emotional and all I can do is just try to keep myself together today was a beautiful Sunday but an emotional one too. With Aunt flow visiting and each time she has come I am extra emotional because it reminds me that I'm not pregnant anymore and then tonight I checked my emails and this pops up 

And it hits like a ton of brick. I would have known if I was carting a boy or girl by now and instead it's just me no baby to feel inside and it reminds me of 5 years ago when I was losing my first and this week marks the date of when I had an ultrasound confirm what my heart already knew. And it sucks. It hurts and I'm getting tired of crying it gives me a headache and makes my nose run yuck! But this year it's different I have 2 beautiful girls who like to say I love you mommy at just the right times 

They really do bring so much joy into our lives! I feel so lucky to have these precious spirits in my home. So even though I know it's gonna be an emotional week it will also be a great week filled with family and laughter and little girl squeals! 

October 6, 2015

Be in the moment

It's nice to be present in the moment in which you know it will be your last. 
Emily is officially not nursing it's been just over a week and it was a morning nursing session and I knew in that moment it would be out last. Tears were in full spring because all I could think was I just lost my baby ( miscarriage) and now I'm losing my baby. We won't have that moment again but I soaked it up and kissed her head and held her as she slept in my arms and thought I wish a picture could capture the emotion I am feeling. Kensley self weaned so it was a total new expirence. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to nurse her for 19 months. I didn't take a picture of our last session but I took this one because I knew I was going to be weaning her soon. I'm glad I took it! 

She is such a beauty and I can't believe how fast she is growing! Love you so much miss Emily! 

Painting adventures

So today we went to the store to pick up some kids crafts/ activity things. Got home and made lunch and Emily went down for nap very easy!!! Which was a miracle! And me and Kensley got our paint on!! She had a blast and it was so fun to see her enjoy it! 
Watch out world we got an artist in out mist! She's good. 

September 12, 2015

One year older and wiser too...

It amazes me that 3 years ago today I was in a hospital in Dallas bringing my sweet rainbow Baby earth side! I can still remember the peace and joy I felt as lance placed her in my arms with tears in his eyes. It was a long wait to get her but oh how she has been worth it! She has always had a very tender spirit about her a very curious little girl for sure!  She has loves getting into things and finding new things and she's such a happy baby! She has always been a great sleeper a great tether she's feisty and energetic and loves girly things. She LOVES her DADDy! Seriously loves him!!! Ever since Emily was born Lance has taken the role of getting up with Kensley ( cause Emily sucks at sleeping lol) and he puts Kensley to bed and this week he was sick so I needed to and she was so not happy about me laying down by her instead of her DADA! Watching there relationship over the last 3 years has been such a precious thing. Because as much as she LOVES her Daddy, Her Daddy LOvES her more! I'm so excited to see what the next year brings and how K grows and learns! I'm so blessed and feel so lucky to be her Mom. Never in my life have I felt so comfortable in a role as I have with taking on Motherhood. I'm not the perfect mom but by golly no other woman could love my Kensley more than me! ( I say woman cause well her daddy loves her too)  so Kensley Happy Birthday my precious daughter!

September 9, 2015

Butterflies and Tender Mercies

Ever since my sweet Aunt Judy passed away in February of 2012 I have seen more butterflies and in the most strange ways and places. In texas we use to go on walks me and my little one Kensley and we would seriously see 10 just flying around us during the walk. In our backyard one came and landed on me and stayed a little while and when we go grocery shopping I have seen them in the parking lot. My aunt loved butterflies and I know it's her way of telling me she is closer than I think and that she's aware of me. Well FRIDAY was our ultrasound to determine if this pregnancy was going to last and if we would hear a heartbeat. As I was sitting in the waiting room a huge black beautiful butterfly was flying by the windows and just fluttered outside for a long while and I knew it was Aunt Judy letting me know she was there and that everything was going to be okay it is what it is. And my heart knew that the news I was going to receive wouldn't be good news. But I felt at peace. Sure enough the ultrasound was done and bless the ultrasound tech heart she saw the tears in my eyes and said I'm sorry I can't say anything until I talk to the midwife and I already knew that and knew from my past that baby didn't grow and there was no heartbeat I didn't have to have the midwife tell me what I already knew and every so often my emotions get the best of me and I cry but then I put myself back to the waiting room where I saw the butterfly and felt that beautiful  peaceful feeling and then I'm better. I know the Lord has given me many tender mercies throughout all of this and I'm so grateful for them! 

September 8, 2015

Faith in the Lord's Timing

It's no surprise I'm very open with my blog. I have blogged about my highs and my lows our infertility struggles our miracles. So here is another raw blog about us. It's a novel so bare with me if you want.
July of this year we were pleasantly surprised to find out I was pregnant. I was a little nervous because our sweet Emily (19 months) has yet to sleep through the night. However Lances Grandma did energy work on her and no joke she has been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches! Amazing! So I was feeling a lot better about it. I found a midwife and our due date April 1st 2016! Which made us laugh! We had our first ultrasound beginning of August and found out our due date and ultrasound dates were off I wasn't as far along as we thought so repeat ultrasound in a week ( My heart knew this wasn't going to be a healthy pregnancy) so at the next ultrasound no baby was seen but growth and a yok sac was there then hcg levels were drawn and repeat ultrasound finally a baby was found! No heat beat but levels were rising on the low side.. So another Repeat ultrasound no heart beat again and no growth. Which means I was going to miscarry again for the third time I know many woman who have had more than that and it doesn't get any easier getting that news. My midwife gave me two weeks to see if my body would naturally start the process of aborting. so the waiting game began and that same day we left for holbrook for my nieces baby blessing. I figured after Labor Day weekend I would look into taking blue cohosh. Well my body had other plans Saturday it started and by Monday "Labor Day" I woke up at 4am with contractions  hard painful ones and so it began. First off my in laws are amazing and I feel so blessed to have them. It wasn't the ideal situation but they watched my kids and my girls were playing with cousins and I was able to take it easy and Lance was a trooper seriously I don't know what I would do if I didn't have him. He was such a help to me even in the grossest of times and always treated me with tenderness and understanding and love. He truely is beyond amazing and wonderful and I am so glad he and I get to walk through this life together hand in hand. I don't understand Heavenly Fathers Timing.. I don't know why I had to lose two babies before getting my sweet Kensley and then Emily but I know I grew so much and learned so much about myself and my relationship with my husband and my savior. I don't know why I got pregnant when we were preventing for it only to end in losing that baby. But I don't need to know right now because the past has taught me that one I will survive this and dwelling on the questions I can't get answers for only lead me to bitterness and depression and that's just not me. I have been down that road and I don't like it at all. Life is too short for me to go into that long lonely road so I chose light. And love. Two I know with out a doubt the Lord is looking out for me and is  aware of me and my sweet family. I know we go through hard times so that it can help us to grow and be a better version of ourselves. So even though I would never choose this trial/test it is what it is. This already is a novel and if you are reading this still you're amazing I just wanted to get this out. I'm not one to keep things secret or not share what's going on with me. So for all who are still reading and going through a hard time in the words of elder Holland  'Don't you quit. You keep walking, you keep trying, there is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon. Some come late. Some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God and believe in Good Things to Come.' 

May 17, 2015

8 years with the love of my life!

8 years today I married my best friend!  Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine a love like ours. I knew the moment I saw The cute guy every one was calling lance that I was gonna marry him and since that moment my life will never be the same. He has been the greatest husband I ever could have asked for and more! He has held me countless nights as I sobbed over the loss of our two babies and has made me laugh so hard I didn't know it was possible to laugh that hard. He has been there as my greatest Birthing coach during labor with Kensley and Emily I have held him as he wept for a family member. We have been by each others side from day one and he is not only a great husband to me but a wonderful father to his daughters! I still remember the look on his face when he handed Kensley to me for the first time with tears in his eyes and joy in his heart. Everyday with him is amazing even if that amazing is a hard day or rough or there was a miscommunication somewhere I wouldn't trade any of our days together for the world! I am so excited I get to be with him for eternity! Lance you still make my heart skip a beat! I love you. Always have always will! 

May 11, 2015

Life is beautiful

I can't believe it's already Mothers Day 2015!!  It's my 3rd Mother's Day where I have had the privilege of having my babies here to hold. I am still amazed I am a Mom and that I have 2 beautiful daughters! I am so grateful to be their mom. I never knew how much you could love someone and then I married my Husband and I thought wow I never knew I could love someone this much! And then I finally got pregnant after 3 years of trying and I loved that baby so much and then miscarried and I never knew you could love someone so much without meeting them and finally after 5 years I got to hold my healthy perfect newborn daughter in my arms and the love I instantly had for her was overwhelming! I never believed in love at first sight until her! And then when I held my beautiful second miracle baby in my arms at the hospital I was so amazed how much more love I had in me to give to not just this newborn but to her big sister and to her Daddy. 
I'm not going to lie this last year has been rough and has tested me and my patience and sanity and I haven't be very graceful at times with dealing with sleep deprivation and adjusting to two babies and having my husband finish his last year of school and boards and graduation and moving back home but I think because of this hard times it's made the good times that much sweeter and those hard nights of no sleep have made me appreciate not just my mother but all mothers! It's a hard role being a Mother but the rewards are far greater than anything I have ever known! I absolutely positively love and adore being A Mom. I hope this next year I can grow and be a little better each day I hope I can remember to stay in the moment more and live each day more fuller. I only have my daughters for a few years before they grow up move out get married and hopefully have a family of their own and I don't want to miss these sweet years while I'm still their favorite person who makes everything better:). Thank you Kensley thank you Emily for making me a Mom here on Earth:) I love you more than you will ever know!

November 17, 2014

Girls just wanna have fun!

I feel so bad for lance sometimes because he is so out numbered with a wife 2 daughters a dog that's female he is completely emerged in anything pink, glittery, flowering, girly and frilly but he has embraced it so well! It's amazing to me to see the difference a daughter makes on their daddy's! I saw the change in my brother when my niece Madi was born and then when my brother in law welcomed my niece Marlee   And each time I have seen Lance hold our fresh out of heaven daughters I can't explain it in words really but It amazes me and I love it!! I'm very blessed to have married one of the great ones! He is truly amazing and makes me laugh like no one else can! Our girls are so lucky to call him daddy!! 

Oh the places you'll go

It's 1am in the morning and I'm sitting in my rocking chair with my beautiful 9 month old Emily sleeping in my arms it's the second time I have been up with her and if history repeats it self then it won't be the last in fact I will probably get another 2 or 3 chances to sit in the chair and hold her and some nights I am in tears exhausted wishing I could sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and some nights I blog and some nights I just FB stalk my friends and some nights I just bring her in bed next to me. (Except now I'm scared to do that since she fell off the other week...yeah I felt like the worst mom ever!) She us fine but now I'm back to the rocker and tonight it's cold and I have a lot on my mind. Which I'm sure many woman can relate to.
The last two weeks my husband has been studing for his last round of boards and this last weekend he took them! It was very long days of not seeing him and trying to keep up with a very energetic 2 year old and a I don't like to sleep much 9 month old. I was extremely nervous about these weeks to come and many times a day I found myself in my room door shut kneeling in prayer mainly for strength and patience. I am still amazed by how much my Father in Heaven is awear of me and my needs. Emily was sleeping better the weather was beautiful and made outdoor adventures/walks fun and angels dressed up like friends visited me, called, texted, and or hang out with me. I knew the only way I could survive these two weeks was if I started my week I loaded the girls up for church and I'm greatful for the members and all their support and willingness to help me :) it truely takes a village! And we survived! The Lord answered my prayers!
 It's been a hard adjustment having two so close and one who doesn't like to sleep unless it's in my arms or right next to me but I know I wouldn't have it any other way. These precious girls bring so much joy into our home. The hard days much the good days that much better and I am so blessed to be their Mommy. Tonight I was putting K down for bed laying next to hear and she whispers "mama...mommy..." I whispered "what" back and she said 'I ove eww' and my heart just filled up with love and peace and joy and I kissed her forehead and said ' I love you too'  she then preceded to say mommy mama several times and state jibberish but it was super cute and I remember thinking Brittany take a mental note of this don't forget it. So hear I am it's 1:30 in the morning I'm holding my sweet 9 month old in my rocking chair blogging about her and her sister and how I know my Heavenly Father loves me. Life is busy and hard but it is so Beautiful!

September 13, 2014

Happy birthday Kensley!

September 12, 2012 a day I will never forget and always remember like it was yesterday little Miss K was born! Our sweet Rainbow baby turned 2!! How is that even possible!!!? Where has the time gone!!? She is such a sweetheart and such a joy to have in our home! She loves baby dolls, playing with our dog Daisy, balls, dirt, playing in the rain, playing outside, loves green smoothies, sweet potatoes, eggs, avocado, carrot juice, pizza, cheese and yogurt, she loves music and dancing and loves making her sister laugh! She plays pretend and it's so cute to watch!! She loves hide and seek!! Taking walks in the stroller and pushing the stroller around the apartment! She loves phones, purses, climbing on things, drawing, coloring, and lives blowing kisses and giving hugs!:) she loves books and Storytime and loves to FaceTime family:) 

So grateful to have her as our daughter! 

September 10, 2014

Jamberry Adventure!!

After day 17
August came around and I finally decided to sign up as a consultant! I have always been hesitant to do direct sales or sign up with stuff because I honestly hate pyramid schemes and I'm not good at 'selling' stuff to people. But I absulutely  fell  in love with Jamberry Nails after I went to my friends launch party in feb. Now I wish I joined then haha but I didn't which is fine I'm having great success and loving the journey of building my team and sharing Jamberry nails with others! I love that even when my make up ain't done and my hair ain't brushed at least my nails look GREAT!! :) if you haven't heard of them or tried them let me know! They are high quality vinyl nail wraps no chipping no fading non toxic and can last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes!!:) there's is seriously something for everyone with over 300 designs! Take a look at my own JAManicures and if you want to see all the designs check out my website! Http:// 

June 11, 2014

Adventure awaits.....while Mommy is busy

This time Mommy went potty and Kensley dumped popcorn old popcorn too out and I told her to pick it up and she is but taking it's popcorn it's okay it won't smell as it decomposes in the yard right!? Plus we have tons of birds and she loves to bird watch! So I'm not stopping her maybe I should but I'm not I'm just letting her be little and well feed the birds :) the things she gets into when she knows Mommy is busy either taking laundry out/in or folding it or putting it away or nursing sister or going potty amazes me! She has like a sixth sense I tell ya. Never a dull moment with her:)
 She does how ever do a good job about putting stuff back...most of the time! :) ah man she is a blast!

June 4, 2014

Super moms cape

I'm no super mom or super woman contrary to What Lance says Because really who is? 
I have been having a challenging time with adjusting to two babies working on little to no sleep and feeling like I have to be super mom/ super woman 24/7! And I think because I keep holding my self to such a ridiculously high standard that can't be met I feel inadequate or a failure when in reality I get moments sometimes days when super mom/superwoman lends me her cape and I get a lot of stuff done and the girls are extra great and I get more sleep ect... I'm okay with borrowing her cape every now and again but I'm not expecting to wear it everyday 24/7. So today I got the girls dressed feed grocery shopped and food put away and played with k in the backyard while Em slept in her car seat all by 10:00am! I'm feeling good today still have T25 to do at Ks naptime and a chiro appointment for me and the girls this afternoon. So today this is my best but it doesn't mean tomorrow I could do what I did today or even yesterday. My best changes by day depending on a lot of factors what matters is I'm trying I'm trying to do my best and my best is going to be different than others and I'm trying to be okay with that because I'm not them and they are not me. So here's to a new day of challenges and lessons to learn and fun to be had!

May 26, 2014

Day 1 of many

I started T25 today!! Great kick in the butt! I'm trying to get healthy and be more regular with exercise after two very close pregnancies I feel frumpy and I lost a lot of tone ! Plus I feel like 25 minutes a day is do able to get a good work out and help make me feel better:) I'm in a funk and need to get out of it and I know when I'm active and eating good I feel better mentally spiritually and physically! 
Plus I want to stop fitting into my maternity clothes :) we traded our single stroller for a double with one of our friends! Yay! And went for a family walk today too! So excited to go on more walks with the girls!! Get out and get some sun! It's amazing what a little exercise can do for your soul:)  

May 17, 2014

7 year itch....


For the last 7 years I have been married to the love of my life and best friend. I never thought I could love him more than I did the day we got married but I do every day I fall more and more in love with him! He is the person who makes me laugh the hardest like hurt my face and stomach laughter! I am so lucky to have him as my husband, my eternal companion and best friend. We are similar in ways and very different in other ways! Even when it's like pulling teeth to get him to dance with me...he still dances with me:) he is amazing like that! When I'm down or being hard on myself he knows just what I need and some how says exactly what I need to hear. He's gentle and kind and caring and loving and funny and thoughtful and strong and smart and hot! Even after 7 years of marriage I have yet to hear him yell or raise his voice or get angry.... Even when I try to push his buttons to see if he will.....he still doesn't......I know what your thinking what kind of a wife purposely tries to get there husband mad?  Yeah not my best wife moments...I'm not perfect. :) I love that after 7 years I still think he is the hottest guy ever and I still want to spend every hour of everyday with him!! I never get tired of him or bored I have never loved someone so much! It makes my soul dance when I think of our love and what it has created. 2 angel babies and 2 earth side babies! I wouldn't change a thing in the last 7 years they have been the best years of my life...easiest no...but being the best years doesn't mean they have been perfect they have brought us closer to eachother and stronger as a couple and through all of the heartbreak and pain equal amount of happiness and peace have acured. I have never been good with words and especially when it comes to describing how much love and admiration I have for my sweet husband. I am so lucky to have found him and lucky to have him in my life and share life's moments with him. He is my everything. And I am so glad my daughters get him as their Dad cause he is awesome!!! Totally and completely awesome!!! Happy 7 year anniversary Lance! So glad we don't have the 7 year itch;) 


May 13, 2014

Happy girls!

I don't know how or why but I have been so lucky to have such happy babies!!! Kensley was such a happy baby and even now as a toddler she is more happy than she is cranky she has her moments but overall very very happy!! 
Emily is such a happy content baby!!  And chatting!!! She is such a talker and a loud one too! I love it!! It amazes me how happy she is! I hope it lasts for their entire life! People love being around happy positive people!!