September 13, 2013

Moments that take my breath away

It's those little moments that take my breath away ya know the sound of a little heartbeat through an ultrasound or Doppler, the random smile, giggle, hug or kiss from your child, the look your honey gives you and you know exactly what he is thinking;), the list goes on and on and today I captured one on camera while I was in the kitchen making almond milk fir my princess daddy was watching her and I looked over to see this 
Can she be any cuter!? Can he be any better of a Daddy!! Doing homework and chilling together. This household is beyond blessed to have this man living here!! 
These two melt my heart in ways I can explain and in ways I never thought possible. My whole world in one picture. The loves of my life!

September 12, 2013

1 year, 365 days, 8765.812 hours, 525,600 minutes

I have had the honor of nursing, hugging, holding, kissing, playing, snuggling with this little princess

I can't believe it's already been a year since we welcomed our sweet rainbow baby into this world. She is such a happy baby and so full of laughter and smiles!!
I can't believe how fast she has grown and how much I love her with every passing day!

So here is some favorite things about Kensley Noel

Color: Pink Pink Pink!!!
Food: avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas (she's a great eater!!)
Toy: dolls, stuff animals, balls. And the dog water although that is not a toy she seems to think so.
Friend: Daisy our doggie, she thinks Daisy is the funniest thing!
Loves: walking, bubbles, meowing like a cat, and getting into wipes and cupboards, silky blanket
Sleeps: 6:30-7:00 to 7:00-7:30
She likes playing with her clothes and blankets anything soft she carries around and hugs
Snuggle bug!!
Sucks her thumb when she's tired 
Bath time=fun time!
Music: loves it! She bounces to it and dances its so cute!
Game: peek a boo with a sheet
Snack: Cheerios
Sport: football but only if daddy is watching Italy COD

My little rainbow baby has brought so much joy into our home and peace into our hearts I am so lucky to call her my daughter and that I get to be her Mommy! My heart is so full I can't put into words how I feel about her turning one and the fact that she is mine well ours;) but I love her more each day and I hope time slows down a little because its flying by way to fast!!!! Happy birthday my beautiful baby girl!!