March 24, 2010

Harvesting The Garden!!

yummy yummy for my tummy!

look how big that leaf is!

before i washed it

Daisy thinks since she was there when i planted and watered everytime she should be there to help harvest...she is such a big helper! lol haha

Tonight we got to Harvest the Spinach I planted in January! I was and am SOOO excited! Dinner was yummy! thank you Rain!!

March 22, 2010

Its a bird, Its a Plane, Its .....POOP!!!!

Our dear sweet Friends came over Thursday night to get our Life Insurance all in order and to fill out paper work because Rustin was able to save us lots of money on it and we have better Life Insurance...Yes we have Life Insurance some might think its morbid but I like to Be prepared... like how we don't have kids but we have already asked a couple that when we do have kids and if anything were to happen to us they get our i know ya all might think its silly but I honestly think your crazy if you don't! you just never know what could happen and I would rather be prepared for it!;) but anyways as they were walking up to our house a bird flew by the front door and then flew away but not before it Pooped on Rustins face!! it was hilarious! hahahahhaha I love Rustin and Lisa! great couple! Great Friends! it was gross and so funny!

March 19, 2010

Will you ever let me be an alien with you...

I know what you're feeling Is hard to believe in That home must be millions and millions of light-years away So let the stars align And let the water make wine 'causeBroken souls will become whole tonight, tonight We know it's right so Lift your eyes and let me in'Cause baby I'm an alien like youWill you ever wake at night and realize theReason why you knew me thenIs maybe I'm an alien tooWill you ever let me be an alien with you
Aren't you tired of running From what you're becoming The truth is it's useless there's nowhere to go, it's not going to find you, So let the heavens flare And let's not be scared, 'causeWe know love's a world above this one It's like the sun so Lift your eyes and let me in'Cause baby I'm an alien like youWill you ever wake at night and realize theReason why you knew me thenIs maybe I'm an alien tooWill you ever let me be an alien with you Well the days of solitude are goneBecause we've both spent a way too longHearing voices on the radio And we can't let anybody know Lift your eyes and let me in'Cause baby I'm an alien like youWill you ever wake at night and realize theReason why you knew me thenIs maybe I'm an alien tooWill you ever let me be an alienWith you

this is what happens when i get a song stuck in my head! look it up on you tube its a beautiful song:)

March 17, 2010


ok so i know my last post was about my accident on march 8th 2010 well this is about my accident on march 16th 2010! p.s Happy 10 year Anniversary Monica and Dusty.

oh yeah this time i was in my car and some guy pulled out and hit me he got a ticket. my poor vue had to get towed to my parents house who were so kind to come pick me up! my shoulders were starting to hurt and my after a very long night of waiting for cops and tow trucks we left the accident scene at 8:40pm and i was blessed to get worked on that late before lance came in to pick me up. But seriously 8days...i'm so done with the commute! I told Lance I would carpool with the most obnoxious person in the world if that meant i wasn't the driver! lol i laugh but i am serious. i've been up since 5 tosing and turning trying to get comfortable...nothing seemed to work so i just got much for sleeping in today.

so for all of you on the Road WATCH OUT!! BE SAFE!! and don't be a jerk when your the one who caused the acccident. BE NICE!

March 10, 2010

Cars + me= bad news

So August 2009 got into an accident...not my fault

March 2010 got into an fault:( but get this...i work at rural and southern, accident occured on mill and southern...grrrr

SERIOUSLY! I just want to ride my bike every where! my shoulder and neck are sore and i hate that! I don't like accidents!

sorry that was my venting on the good note! Lance is going to pick up infor today for Nursing School!! :)yay! i've been telling him to since Jan. all he needs is to get the finger print clearence card and then take the NET test i think is what they call it..and then he can submit his app. for shcool! woot woot! which means more then likely when he gets in it will be full time since part time is very hard to get into so we are figuring out finance's and all that fun stuff! woot woot! i'm really excited for him to get in! since his Associates degree is in pre med...its nice to know its going ot be used now! plus its nice to have him decide on his school/degree direction:) i'm excited for that!

March 3, 2010

Our Miracle.....

this all started in Oct when we noticed how expensive our internet bill was and I called in cause they were changing from normal to fiber optic so i called to get a tech out and i asked the lady i spoke with how we could get that lower cause its to much and we might have to go else where cause this is silly she takes a look and says lets see what we can do. she says oh with the fiber optic we can increase your internet speed and its cheaper and i thought sweet she said you will see that reflected with in the next 2 or 3 billing and i said ok sounds good and we got a 75 dollar gift card to qwest as well...well it didn't get lower and so we shopped and found Orbital in maricopa is cheap and people seem to like it out here so we called qwest to see what we could do to cancel and they in formed us we are in contract until oct 2011 and the cancellation fee would be 200.00 well we were expecting it to be up in july of this year so come to find out when i called in oct we weren't in a contract! we could have left in oct last year! but the lady did al lthat crazy stuff and didn't tell me! so the 1st lady Bridgette was very kind and foudn that all out for me...well we decided to cancel anyways and ya the 200.00 sucks but we figured with Orbital we had 2 months free it will balance out and the money i have been saving for lance's bday gift( ipod touch) will have to go toward cancelling which was sad to me. BUT! an Angel answered the phone with Qwest ! Lauren is her name she is a mother of 6 lds has a son on a mission in Argentina and a 12 yr old daughter who just got diagnoised with a genetic disorder and docs are giving her 10 maybe 12 years before it takes her life. and this wonderful Women was able to waive the 200.00 cancellation fee! if only I talked to her in Oct! so those of you with Qwest there are ANGELS who work there and beware of the DEVILS for they work there too. ok devils is alittle strong...but you know what I mean! she was a joy to talk to and such a blessing! that was Our Miracle today :) Life is good! God Lives! he will prepare a way for you in your life if you let him in. i am so grateful for our Tender Mercies that come in our lives! if you don't think you have gotten one look closer at your situation and give thanks for your life and for TODAY! Heavenly Father is watching over us and he really does listen to our prayers!