August 30, 2011

My Best Friend

This Is seriously the Man I never get tired of waking up in the morning to, Looking at, Laughing with, Living with, and Loving! 5 years ago this month I met this handsomest, most amazing guy ever in the little town of Thatcher, Arizona right there in the Institure Buliding to be exact lol and I never could have imagine just how Happy I would be and Married to such an amazing Person! Lance is seriously the most amazing Man! He is such a good person and so caring and thoughtful and honors his Priesthood and is SOOO GOOD LOOKIN ;) ( such a bonus! )haha but Seriously I never get tired of hanging out with him! Since we have been In Texas and I don't have a job yet we are both home together pretty much all day doing things together or doing our own things like me unpacking and Lance throws away the boxes or He will go to the store while I clean up and what not or we laugh together at something Daisy did or go to bed but end up talking and laughing all night! Thats my favorite! We tell eachother everything!! We have known eachother now for 5 years now and have been married for just over 4 and with no kids it has really allowed us to build our relationship as a couple and really get to know eachother and just have fun. Of course it all hasn't been fun the Poor guy has to deal with a very emotional wife! but He is so great and never complains at least to me about how difficult I can be :) and we have our moments like all marriages do. We have had our fair share of difficult times and heart ache with all the baby stuff but he has been so sweet and so kind during everthing rather it be flowers and a card just out of the blue or cause he knows i'm having a hard time or when he came home early from work after our last ultrasound that confirmed we had no baby anymore and brought flowers with him He is sooo considerate of my feelsing! we have grown so much closer and understand eachother a lot better I am SOOO blessed to spend Eternity with him and grow old with him. He is such an amazing Husband and friend and I know one day He will make such a GREAT Dad and our daughters will want to marry him! lol I am so lucky  Blessed to have him in my Life. I never thought you could love someone so much! 

August 27, 2011

Farmers Market

First off this was the Biggest Watermelon I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! A guy who was there buying stuff said thats the sweetest watermelon you will have you can't get that at walmart! :) lol thats what made us get it! That and the fact that it was HUGE!

Look its longer than our Toaster Oven and HUGE! BUT! It was the Best Watermelon Lance and I have ever had!! SO GOOD! plus its huge and still super sweet and juicy and PERFECT!

Peaches...Texas Peaches...So this is from the Dallas Farmers Market and one they have you taste the food! they cut it up in pieces and slices and you cna try it! yummy! This was the best Peach slice I have had and that cute guy selling it..when I say cute I mean he was old and totally country!! He said "This here is the Sweetest Peaches ya'll gonna find this side of the Mississippi" :) HE WASN"T LYING! I'm not a huge fan of Peaches but holy cow!!! These Peaches are the Sweetest this side of the Mississippi!! hehehe :) SO YUMMY!! I ate 2 or 3 just yesterday! and I'm really not a fan of peaches!!! We got some cherry tomatoes cause get this Lance said I like those on Salad's.......Lance eats Salad cause I put it on his plate if i didn't he wouldn't eat it but since we have been here! He notices we are low on lettuce and gets more!! SO AWESOME! We also got Freash Green Beans, White necturines and I think thats it. LOVE THE FARMERS MARKETS HERE!!

Don't Mess with Texas

Bedroom I put most of our wedding pictures in here :)

Our nice Walk in Closet yes it is smaller than we are use to but it totally works!


Lance's study room office and Daisy's cage room
all our dvds and blu-rays fit on it! yay!

Living room chilling while he can!

Living room

I just love this one a cute wedding pic, willow trees that my mom got me that i will never forget and kristy made amazing tile that makes me think of my family :) "Family- We may not have it all together BUT together we have it All."

Kitchen! its a little bigger than i thought it would be :) DISHWASHER!! love it

The box is where our toaster oven is now Its ALOT smaller than our dream kitchen is AZ but it totally works and is nice and cozy :)

I love the Texas Pride! :) Its everywhere! The state flag can be seen more than the American flag! signs that Say Don't mess with Texas litering fine $300 so great! or DWI you can't afford it! with up in the top corner of the sign saying Don't mess with Texas! lol  We have gotten alot done in a week! come monday we will have our own Internet and that I am super excited about! I've been applying and trying to apply lots of places! it will be nive when the internet is working fast and what not! :) We have one last room to finish unpacking which is my craft room slash catch all room :)  But Lance has everything he needs to start classes and what not so its all good! The people here are super nice and friendly! SO far So good :)

August 22, 2011

Baby Fever....

We went to Target today to get a Digital antenna and walked past the baby clothes and accessories :(  Such cute little onezies and cute baby socks and blankets and strollers and car seats....and so forth and it just made me happy and sad mainly sad! Happy because when we do have our baby there are such cute stuff for he or she  can have and wear....and sad because well 1.  I could have already had a baby in those cute onezies and 2. I could have had a baby in those cute onezies come Feb of next year :( but instead I have option 3. No baby, No Baby, No cute Onezies, No Baby, NO BABY...instead I just have more of the waiting game and that Awesome waiting game is having to be pushed further forward because I again have no baby and can't try to have a baby for the next 2 months...oh Happy day!...*sarcastic tone* Sometimes I just feel like SCREAMING!  Grrrrrr Sorry for the venting session but its my Blog and  I can pout if I want to!

August 21, 2011

Addison Texas!!!

Okay so pictures to come but for now the story/ our journey to Texas!

We left Maricopa around 10:45am on Wednesday after Daisy got her last hair cute from Pet Stylist and we said our goodbyes to Alli and ROy and Marlee = SUPER HARD! During this last year Me and Alli have gotten super close and every time she came home from school and clinicals we would talk for  awhile and now its just weird! She is one of my Best friends and I won't see her for a long time so anyways before I start crying again! We came into Mesa so we could say goodbye to my Aunt Judy, Brother Dusy, and Sisters Nikki and Kristy and her family. all really really really really HARD! But we got on the road to Holbrook! Got to spend time with Lance's Mom and Dad and Sister Tess and also got to visit with Lance's best friend from childhood on up Cayla which was great!

My Parents got there Wed night and then Thrusday morning we had 13 hours and 13 mins to drive to get to addison we ended up leaving Holbrook at about 8:30 am because my Mom lost her wallet!! and she needed ID in order to come home on the plane so we needed to go to the DMV to get her a new license! Still haven't found the Wallet :( We were making pretty good timing for pulling a Trailer We got to New Mexico and got some gas and this guy was seriously 10 feet away from the pumps in the parking lot of LOVES and had a sign that said OUT OF GAS! and had 2 Gas cans as well sitting by his car! I don't Lance Who's gonna tell that idiot he is in the parking lot of a Gas Station! I wish I took a picture of it! obviously he wanted the money but why not do that further away from a Gas Station!? haha well our plan was to get to Witchita Falls thursday and then drive the rest of the way Friday morning we Got Witchita Falls and Lance says lets go all the way! so I called my Dad who was driving the car if he was good to drive the rest of the way he said Yes! So Lance Drank a Red Bull lol We arrived in Addison Texas at about 2:00am Texas time so Midnight AZ time. We stayed at Quality Inn and Suites just a mile from our Appartments and got some well deserved Sleep! Daisy did great through out the whole trip!! Mom and Dad flew out yesterday and I got the kitchen unpacked and most of the living room today we are unpacking Bedroom and Bathroom completly! Our Ward today was really nice! I have a good feeling about it however I MISS MARICOPA 2nd WARD! It was weird to go to church and not see familar faces! but everyone is really nice so I am excited for our new adventure for sure!!

August 16, 2011

Moving Day!!

I can not believe the day has come!! I can't sleep tonight but by the time I post this it will be Moving Day for the McGee's and Thats CrAzY!!! Our house is packed and ready to go and it is sooo weird to see our house this way! It's kinda sad I get super sentimental and the fact that this is/was our First Home and I totally love it and would still be living in it if we could makes me sad to leave it and the memories I keep taking tons of pictures of it so that I can show our kids their parents first house! We have been very blessed with our Short Sale and have 2 Offers in and maybe another 1....we aren't the only ones  who agree our House is AMAZING!  I feel so blessed to be able to have such great memories here In Copa and in our home. I know we were suppose to come to Maricopa and I am sooo Glad we did! There are amazing People here!! I keep telling Lance how Bitter Sweet this move is bitter because we are moving so Far away and gonna miss our family and friends and our home and maricopa and we have alot of friends in our situation that can relate to us in our baby troubles and have alot of support here! but Sweet because Lance finally figured out what he wants to do for his Career and is very happy about it and excited for new adventures in a new State! all we have known (minus Lances mission in Idaho) is Arizona! Everyone so far has had nothing but good things to say about Texas and I'm super excited about that :) so like I said Bitter Sweet move. TO anyone thinking of buying a house look in Maricopa its the BEST!! :) and if you can move to Maricopa 2nd Ward its the greatest Ward EVER!!! and I am going to miss All of the Young Women! and alot more people too. I guess this is the start of a new chapter in book of Lane and Brittany McGee...(some would say McGeek :) tehhehe )

August 9, 2011

Dallas 6th Ward!

Pretty Picture in Addison
It is beyond Crazy to think that I have one Sunday Left with Maricopa 2nd Ward! Can I just say that 2nd Ward is THE BEST! We got so lucky and so Blessed to have had the chance to be in such an Amazing Wonderful, Fun and Awesome Ward! We wouldn't have had it any other way! I'm going to miss Maricopa 2nd Ward SOOOOO MUCH!

So tonight we looked up our new Ward and Bishop so we could call them and get the E.Q. to Help us Move into our Place there in Addison. Looks like the McGee's are gonna be in Dallas 6th Ward come August 21st! :) excited and nervous all at the same time! I really hope we love Dallas 6th Ward! Fingers crossed!

I still can't believe this is our last full week in Arizona!

August 4, 2011

Feeling the Love

Wow between the comments and the messages I have recieved I am definently feeling the Love. Thank you so all of your sweet and kind words. They mean more to me than you will ever know.

I want to make sure you guys know that Me and Lance are doing very well all things considering. I thought if this happened to me again I would lose it but really emotionally it hasn't been near as bad and I think for one its because of the prayers in our behalf and this time a baby didn't develope so it wasn't as heart breaking for me. does it stink i'm not gonna have a baby yes don't get me wrong but I can't dwell on that becuase dwelling on it won't make it better won't magically make a baby appear so I have chosen to not let this get me down. Last time was extremly hard EXTREMLY! poor Lance i'm sure wondered if I was ever coming back or gonna be the same. but  this time I prayed the day of the 1st ultrasound and honestly just gave it to Heavenly Father. Some times crap happens but everytime this stuff happens me and Lance grow so much closer as a couple and grow as a person and closer to Heavenly Father that I wouldn't change anything. I know one day our Sunday will come and we will be able to hold our sweet little big miracle's in our arms and we will be the most amazing parents ever! :) but until then we will put our Trust and Faith in Heavenly Father because He is the only one that sees the whole picture.

Hcg Drop

Well I called triage today at about 11:00am for my HCG level results 89,801..So I got my List of things I would need and headed to Walgreens to pick up my perscriptions. Picked them up got some Taco Bell and headed home. I put some chicken in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce so Lance would have dinner and myself with out me having to do nothing pretty much. so 12:45 came and I took my first round of Cytotec.
( Lets rewind and remember why I have to do this. I have a Blighted Olvum aka Missed Miscarriage,  its been 10 weeks since my last period and my body thinks its pregnant the longer I wait for a my body to natually sluff the stuff off the higher my risk is for a Septic Pregnancy which can lead to infection and Surgery and problems in the future for getting pregnant so the sooner the better)

Okay so like I said 12:45 cytotec and 1:12 I took  one lortab since Tylenol can put me to sleep pretty good I figured I would only need one. I WAS WRONG! from 2:40 until about 6:30 today I had the worse pain you can even imagine!!!! I took another lortab at 2:40 when the pain was kicking in and never got relief at all!! we are talking so painful I throw up!!!! It was 50 times worse than last time and lasted alot longer!! Finally when my 4 hours had been hit I took 2 Lortab at once at 6:30pm it finally kicked in made me feel so weird Lance said I was singing before I fell asleep I asked me what song I was singing he said all kinds of songs! bahahah I don't even remember! I feel asleep for 2 hours finally with no pain! It was wonderful!! Ate dinner and one of my best friends Darcy came over to drop off flowers and food the YW wanted to give me :) so sweet of them! I missed mutral tonight which  I was sad about :(  but Feeling better with my pain meds in me and doing good!  SO glad my Mother in law is coming tomorrow to help me pack! She is amaizng and I love her so much!! THank you everyone again for the prayers I appreciate them! Lance and I are doing very well and our spirits are high and  I know your prayers have helped!

August 2, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Well it looks like the McGee family will still have to wait some more before we get our baby. Ultrasound today confirmed again that there is no fetal pole no baby in my Sac my uterus measured one day bigger than the last ultrasound a week what that means is since I'm not spotting or bleeding or cramping I have 2 options one take a pill that will help the bleeding two surgery (D and C) I voted no to surgery! My doc was happy with that she doesn't like D and C so I had ot go back to the lab to get bloodwork for my hcg levels since they only did it once! boo so she wants to see another level plus my progestrone levels also so i did that and I dropped my perscriptions off at Walgreens my labs should come back tomorrow afternoon so I have to call triage tomorrow to see if my levels are decreasing as well since the so as of friday my Hcg levels are 101,716 tomorrow when I call if they are less than that I get to pop in 3 pills  called Cytotec and within 6 hours it should start the process of flushing out my uterus and She also gave me some pain meds to go with it! Thank Heavens!

I am so grateful to all of you who kept us in your prayers and I know that because of the prayers I am really feeling at peace with the situation and know That Heaven Father has a plan and he knows us and loves us so much and everything happens for a reason even if we can't see it. I am very grateful that my Body has gotten pregnant cause that is a good sign! Its times like this that I realize just how much of a miracle having a baby is and I am so happy for all my friends who are having a healthy pregnancy and I'm praying for all my friends who are still trying for their miracle as well. Love you all and Mothers who are reading this give your little one an extra hug from all the Mom's in waiting. :)