July 24, 2010


I can't Believe I start school on Monday!!! I am super Excited and SUPER nervous! It's been so long since I was in school! Lance starts school some time in August don't know the exact date but he is excited for that! he has I think 4 classes to take and then he can Apply for Grand Canyon University's Nursing Program!! :)
So by this time next year Lance will *cross fingers* be in nursing school! Life is going to get Busy!!!
I am looking forward to watching my sweet cute niece Marlee while Alli is in class! Time is going to fly! I love when life is busy it makes the TIME FLY! which is nice and at the same time I wouldn't mind it slowing down...at least the weekends! haha This summer has been a fun one lol summers aren't like they use to be when your kids! or teachers lol. except that Summers bring Family Reunions! After 3 years of not being at the Johnston Family Reunion I finally went this year it was A TON of fun but Lance had to stay home :( but it was good to spend time with my family before school starts and I won't have a whole lot of time to come in to Mesa and see them! The Fourth of July was great! My parents came out that weekend and so did My sister and her family which was AWESOME AND WONDERFUL!!!! I needed it :)

Lance and I have been wanting to go camping ever since we got married yeah 3 years later we actually have a date set and are going no matter what! lol even if the Moores cancel..in which I hope does not happen! lol can't wait for September!! its goona be here before we know it!

Oh and since schools starts on Monday I have been cleaning and what not so my house isn't a disaster zone and I cleaned the laundry room and painted it! I just need Lance's help to put up a LAUNDRY sign :) I need to be better about taking pictures but I do have some from my Family reunion that I will post! So until next time when I find the time to update this!