November 10, 2013


Man my allergies have hit with full force off and on the last 2 weeks!! I have even woken up super nauseous and my eyes won't stop watery and my nose is a faucet and my eyes! I want to scratch them out of my head soo badly!!!! I finally got some more local honey I ran out!! And this evening finally I am getting relief!! I just hope I wake up better than today! I never had allergies growing up and just recently well maybe it's been about 4 years that seasonal allergies get to me! It's no fun! I think it's worse right now because I'm pregnant too. I would like to feel better very soon since I get to board a plane on Wednesday for Arizona!! Yay!!!

November 9, 2013

Saturday is a special day....

I love Saturdays!! I love it cause after Kensley's morning nap when she wakes up lance gets up with and I get to sleep usually for another hour. It's a nice trade off he sleeps in and I get up with her and then I take a nap when she does but then he gets up with her:) it's beautiful!! We ran errands and played at the park kensley loved that!!  watching the planes fly by and exploring are a few of her favorite things again I wish I got a picture! Lance picked some flowers for her and put them behind her ears it was just too cute! I love spending time with just the 3 of us! It's seriously a little piece of heaven on earth!

November 8, 2013

Heart attacking

Being in young women's has been super fun I feel like I have been there for forever but I love the girls I have been gotten to know!! Tonight me and my good friend Jessica (personal progress leader) heart attacked our newest Mia Maid!!! Newest and only Mia Maid!!:) it was fun I hope she likes waking up to it!!

Afterwards me and Jess got to talk I could talk to her for hours!!! She is seriously a kindred spirit! I just wish I took a picture!! Grr I'm such a slacker!!

November 7, 2013

Egg Nog

Tis the season of Egg Nog!! Yes I have already had my first egg nog of the season in October with pumpkin egg nog and then regular egg nog and then today I found this gem!!!
Oh so yummy!! And healthier than reg dairy egg nog!!!:) so yay for that!! Lol this is one of my favorite holiday treats!!!

November 6, 2013

One week

7 days till Kensley and I fly to Arizona for a week!!! Hooray!! Haven't seen my family since the end of April!!! We get to watch my sister run in her first Ironman!!! Super excited for her!!! So excited to meet my new nephew Captain and see the rest of my arizona babies!! Plus kensley and Lucy are gonna be so fun to watch together!! Only 7.5 months apart!!! Let the good times roll!! I'm beyond excited and beyond stressed to fly with her by myself and see how she does cause let's face it she only flew twice and it was when she was a baby who nursed and slept the whole way!!!:/ I'm a little anxious about that. So anyone reading this please say a prayer for me!! For us!!:) thanks!!!

November 5, 2013

What really matters

I love bedtime! It's a glorious time of day. Kensley is extra cuddling and it slap happy and just all together so sweet! Tonight bath time was fun like always she loves baths and now watches while the bath fills up with excitement and squeals!! It's just down right to cute! Then it's lotion massage, Jammie's, Storytime and then off to music land of sleepy dreams. Well lance and I will either share the bedtime routine or one of us will do it completely. Tonight Daddy had Storytime and music land aka cuddle time before she gets put in her crib. I have many moments where my heart melts when I see daddy and kensley together either playing or cuddling or reading a book tonight I had to capture the moment! I hope she knows how much her daddy loves her and when she gets older I hope she realizes he has loved her for forever! I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who treats me like a queen but also be married to such a wonderful daddy to my children! I am forever in debt to his parents for raising such an amazing person!!

November 4, 2013

Rough day

Well today was a rough day my allergies have been out of control and then little bumper her face on the metal part of our bed frame she wasn't on the bed but fell into it and poor thing cut the inside of her mouth and there was blood!!!
Needless to say I don't do well with blood and Lance wasn't home which made it more stressful!! Poor little girl! She is a tough cookie! But I was so happy for bedtime to come. it was an emotional day! That ended with a best friend dropping off clothes for baby girl 2! So that was amazing.

November 3, 2013

Day light savings

I grew up in the Grand Canyon State aka Arizona and we didn't have to mess with changing our clocks! 

Well now that we live in Texas DST exsist and before we had Kensley it wasn't a big deal however having a child who has a great schedule and adding DST is not easy! Last time it took her a few weeks to  adjust and now I just hope it doesn't take as long cause waking up at 6 is just to early! I'm spoiled and 7-7:30 is her wake up time. I just wish the USA would not do DST! Lol plus my family gets confused with how many hours ahead we are from them because we change. So kudos to Arizona for getting DST right and not participating!! 

November 2, 2013

Girls night!

Last night we had girls night superhero themed party it was such a blast! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing wonderful ladies who are awesome friends! Being away from family is hard and living in a new state and area was scary but our ward here is amazing and I feel like they truly are a ward family to us!! Which makes being away so much easier!!  
There is something so refreshing about girls night! I love My Hubby don't get me wrong but there is something about being silly with my girlfriends that lifts my spirits! I feel very blessed to be here in Texas and get the opportunity to brush shoulders with such amazing people!!

November 1, 2013


National blog posting month!
Never have done this but my Aunt Mel is awesome and has and so this year I thoughts I would join in on the fun!

I can't believe it's November!!! Where has the year gone!!? Halloween was yesterday and no we didn't go trick or treating we did have lunch with daddy! I made sure to dress kensley up when we went to the school! 
Needless to say she was a hit!!!! She is such a sweetheart! We just love her so much! She is getting so big! She has 4 teeth on top and 3 in the bottom now! 
She says mama, mommy, dad, daddy, daisy, bur(bird, pane (plane), ball, moo, meow, who( owl sound), no, and baby. 

She talks a lot I just don't know what she is saying yet lol it's super cute. She loves out doggie daisy and daisy is finally being good around her and will now runaway from her to avoid her. I'm excited to see her play with her cousin Lucy this month when I go to visit Arizona! Lucy was born January 30th 2012 and kensley was sept. 12 2012 so they are super close in age!! And haven't seen each other since end of April! It's gone be fun!!!Happy November!!!!!