April 27, 2014

So much to do!!

The past few weeks I have had so much to do!! Adjusting to having 2 kids is harder than I thought and I thought it would be tough!!  I feel like a failure as a mom though I am just starting to feel like I got it all together and then bam I'm back at square one! I have done a poor job prioritizing my time and I feel awful about that! I have noticed that if I'm nursing I have my phone with me checking emails fb Pinterest IG ect... And it's just to much! I'm not paying enough attention to Emily or Kensley when I do that! So I am going to only check that stuff at naptime and either early morning before they wake or after bedtime. 

I want to blog more and fb less I feel like I need to spend less time on my phone/iPad and more time in my scriptures and playing with my girls!! These baby blues have got to go!!! I need to make a change! 

So now that I got that off my chest hlheres a few pictures of my sweethearts