September 12, 2015

One year older and wiser too...

It amazes me that 3 years ago today I was in a hospital in Dallas bringing my sweet rainbow Baby earth side! I can still remember the peace and joy I felt as lance placed her in my arms with tears in his eyes. It was a long wait to get her but oh how she has been worth it! She has always had a very tender spirit about her a very curious little girl for sure!  She has loves getting into things and finding new things and she's such a happy baby! She has always been a great sleeper a great tether she's feisty and energetic and loves girly things. She LOVES her DADDy! Seriously loves him!!! Ever since Emily was born Lance has taken the role of getting up with Kensley ( cause Emily sucks at sleeping lol) and he puts Kensley to bed and this week he was sick so I needed to and she was so not happy about me laying down by her instead of her DADA! Watching there relationship over the last 3 years has been such a precious thing. Because as much as she LOVES her Daddy, Her Daddy LOvES her more! I'm so excited to see what the next year brings and how K grows and learns! I'm so blessed and feel so lucky to be her Mom. Never in my life have I felt so comfortable in a role as I have with taking on Motherhood. I'm not the perfect mom but by golly no other woman could love my Kensley more than me! ( I say woman cause well her daddy loves her too)  so Kensley Happy Birthday my precious daughter!

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