May 26, 2014

Day 1 of many

I started T25 today!! Great kick in the butt! I'm trying to get healthy and be more regular with exercise after two very close pregnancies I feel frumpy and I lost a lot of tone ! Plus I feel like 25 minutes a day is do able to get a good work out and help make me feel better:) I'm in a funk and need to get out of it and I know when I'm active and eating good I feel better mentally spiritually and physically! 
Plus I want to stop fitting into my maternity clothes :) we traded our single stroller for a double with one of our friends! Yay! And went for a family walk today too! So excited to go on more walks with the girls!! Get out and get some sun! It's amazing what a little exercise can do for your soul:)  

May 17, 2014

7 year itch....


For the last 7 years I have been married to the love of my life and best friend. I never thought I could love him more than I did the day we got married but I do every day I fall more and more in love with him! He is the person who makes me laugh the hardest like hurt my face and stomach laughter! I am so lucky to have him as my husband, my eternal companion and best friend. We are similar in ways and very different in other ways! Even when it's like pulling teeth to get him to dance with me...he still dances with me:) he is amazing like that! When I'm down or being hard on myself he knows just what I need and some how says exactly what I need to hear. He's gentle and kind and caring and loving and funny and thoughtful and strong and smart and hot! Even after 7 years of marriage I have yet to hear him yell or raise his voice or get angry.... Even when I try to push his buttons to see if he will.....he still doesn't......I know what your thinking what kind of a wife purposely tries to get there husband mad?  Yeah not my best wife moments...I'm not perfect. :) I love that after 7 years I still think he is the hottest guy ever and I still want to spend every hour of everyday with him!! I never get tired of him or bored I have never loved someone so much! It makes my soul dance when I think of our love and what it has created. 2 angel babies and 2 earth side babies! I wouldn't change a thing in the last 7 years they have been the best years of my life...easiest no...but being the best years doesn't mean they have been perfect they have brought us closer to eachother and stronger as a couple and through all of the heartbreak and pain equal amount of happiness and peace have acured. I have never been good with words and especially when it comes to describing how much love and admiration I have for my sweet husband. I am so lucky to have found him and lucky to have him in my life and share life's moments with him. He is my everything. And I am so glad my daughters get him as their Dad cause he is awesome!!! Totally and completely awesome!!! Happy 7 year anniversary Lance! So glad we don't have the 7 year itch;) 


May 13, 2014

Happy girls!

I don't know how or why but I have been so lucky to have such happy babies!!! Kensley was such a happy baby and even now as a toddler she is more happy than she is cranky she has her moments but overall very very happy!! 
Emily is such a happy content baby!!  And chatting!!! She is such a talker and a loud one too! I love it!! It amazes me how happy she is! I hope it lasts for their entire life! People love being around happy positive people!!

May 10, 2014

My Mom...

January 20th 19....let's not worry about the year;) was the day the world was blessed to have a beautiful princess was born this beautiful princess was named Kay and that princess grew up and found her prince Larry.. She had the strength  and courage to give birth to 5 beautiful babies 1 son 4 gdaughters. I was blessed to be 1 of those daughters born to her! Some call her Kay, sister johnston, nana Kay, grandma Kay, honey,...but I get to call her Mom. I have no idea who I would be today if I didn't have her in my life. My Mom is the greatest, most loving, do anything for her family, courageous, strong woman I have ever met. She has had so much heartbreak in her life that would cause anyone to be bitter and cynical and negative but she is far from those things. Lucy Smith once said this about her daughter in law Emma 
"  I have never seen a woman in my life, who would endure every species of fatigue and hardship, from month to month, and from year to year, with that unflinching courage, zeal, and patience, which she has ever done; ..."

My Mom has had her fair share of hardships and heart break and has carried herself with such grace! I honestly have no idea how she does it and when I ask her she is of course extremely humble and doesn't even realize just how Amazing and beautiful and important she is!! How many Mothers would leave their home for 6+ weeks not once but twice to take care of her daughter and new baby? My Mom has this amazing ability to Love so unconditionally and so fully that she inspires me! She has so much love to give and she is so willing to give it!!

Growing up I can maybe count on one hand how many times my Mom yelled at us in anger and if she did it was serious!!! Like we probably said something super sassy and rude! She was always willing to tuck me in at night read me a story usually "the magic grinder" :) and I asked her to read me a story even when I was in high school! And she thought I was kidding but I wasn't and she got a book "princess and the pea" and laid next to me in bed and read it to many. There was many talks we had about friends, boys, life and anything and everything. She was my best friend! She knew she was my Mother and when I needed a best friend she was there and when I needed a mom she was there. 

I am so lucky to have been raised by such a wonderful woman. Cheri Call says it best  in her song she...

"She is not the picture on the magazine
She's the woman just behind you at the checkout stand
She may appear to be common but she mystifies
In all the ways the wisest men and children understand
'Cause she has eyes that sparkle with her love
And she has a smile that's as gentle as a dove
And no woman from a movie or an ad could ever hope to be
As beautiful as she

She is not a highly honored diplomat
Held responsible to lead the world to peace
But what she does is every bit as serious
Amidst the turmoil everywhere that will never cease
'Cause she has hands that wipe the tears away
And she has a voice that makes everything O.K.
And no woman from the papers or T.V. could ever hope to be
As indispensable as she

And it breaks my heart every time I see her wonder
If she means anything in this world that pulls her under
And she doesn't always see the way that Heaven smiles above her
That's the reason I try to always tell her that I love her

'Cause she may not be known for giving millions
To the charities and auctions on the news
But I believe she's given more than anyone
In all the times she's ever had to choose
To give up sleep to rock her children every night
And give her heart to always hold their dreams so tight
And the best that you or I could ever hope to be
Is as wonderful as she

And the best that you or I could ever hope to be
Is as wonderful as she"

Mom thank you for being you. Wonderful, patient, kind, loving, sweet, happy, funny, strong, courageous, beautiful You! I would be lost without you! Thank you for being such a great example to me. Thank you for my life! I love you with all of my heart! I'll love you forever I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my mother you'll be! :) 

Happy Mother's Day!

May 1, 2014

Mommy Daughter Date

So Thursday's Lance usually doesn't have to be at the clinic till 3 so today I took K with me to SAMs club just her and me! 

It was the first time we had a mommy daughter time outside of the house! I forget how easier it is to me now to just take 1 kid to the store! We had a blast! After wards we shared a frozen yogurt and she loved it! A bunch of old ladies walked by saying how cute she was. She was sitting on top of the table and I was sitting in front of her and she kept giving me hugs and kisses and then started feeding me the frozen yogurt! It was adorable! I love spending one on one time with her! She's been throwing tantrums and screaming and hitting sister a lot so we are trying to figure out what to do and Lances mom suggested taking just her somewhere to spend mommy and K time together! I have been extra careful and mindful about giving her attention and helping her use words or signs to communicate! And the last 3 days she's been super great with Baby Em and less screaming!!:) I'm hoping it continues to improve as we figure out how to communicate to each other where we both understand what she wants! But I feel like we are in the right direction! I just wish I got a picture of our date today! Oh well these will have to do 
Sisterly love
K was taking selfies:)