September 5, 2009

Date Night!!

So I am totally bumbed I forgot my camera! Last night Me & Lance, Heather & Tyler, Brenley & Eric went to Chipotle and Bowling!!! It was sooo much fun!! Lance won the first game and I won the second game it was a McGee sweep! lol It was awesome to hang out with them and will definently do it again! it was fun but I knew I would be hurting today and guess what....I AM! Ya I could feel it last night but it was so fun I just tried to ignore it So I got an MRI done and found 2 bulge discs in my thorasic spine well yesterday at the Chiro Dr. Martinson was working on my neck and it was painful and he suspects a bulge disc in my cervical spine too! I am taking pills to help the joints and swelling or something like that and hopeing that someday i'll feel normal again! I cleaned house and changed our room around today ya I think that just made my back worse but I like the new look! I'm excited for the weekend holiday! Lance and I both have Mon. Off! yay! hopefully we get a BBQ planned for monday...why do we celerate Labor Day?