January 1, 2017

Hello 2017

So my usual run down of the past year 2016 was busy and eventful!

January - started out great! I was in my 3rd round of 21 day fix feeling great then got hit with h the flu and so did the entire family. Then my Grandma Johantonwqsnt doing so good and it wasn't looking good.

February- My grandma Johnston passed away and then I ran my first Half marathon!! And it was amazing and such a great experience it also brought Lance telling me he felt like maybe Mesa wasn't where we should be we got a new nephew born on Emily's birthday!

March- came and Spring break was in Young and I got a call that Lances sweet Grandma McGee passed away a surprise to say the least. Than 1 week later Kensley, Emily, me and My niece Madison were in a horrible T bone auto accident that was very traumatic and scary and it's a miracle we are all alive but it left K with a brain bleed and all of us hurting she spent a couple of nights in the PICU and then the day after she got released we had Grandma McGees funeral. It was the week from you know where. But also a week where miracles happened!!

April- found us with the confirmation that Holbrook would be our new Home!  Pats run with my sister in law.

May- was our 9th anniversary celebration! A surprise pregnancy and a very early miscarriage. Lots of preparation for our move to Holbrook

June- was the great move to Happy Holbrook! And Family reunions! And a great month full of fun memories!

July- / August was a great 4th with family visiting! And another half marathon under my belt that kicked my bootay!! And us buying a house in Holbrook!! And moving into it!! Family reunion and another sweet family member Lances sweet cousin Ella returning to her heavenly home. And my Grandpa Coleman passing away too. Kensley started Preschool! Lance opening his new practice!

September-  Kensley turned 4 and I started watching My niece:)  and we got another surprise positive pregnancy test!! Baby mcgee was due June 2017

October: we went to young for fall break! And I miscarried at almost 7 weeks.

November: lots of blood work tests, a neon light run in New Mexico with my family and another pregnancy and miscarriage:(  but thanksgiving was awesome!

December: my birthday! More blood tests a great Christmas in our new home with just our little family and lots of daily time! It was awesome!

We had so many ups and down this last year and it taught me that 1. Life is fragile! You never know when your day will come when you will return home. Enjoy every moment! 2. Miracles happen! The Lord is so aware of us and our needs and he loves us so much! 3. Have faith in the middle. 4. Love love love truest is all that matters love your children love your spouse your siblings spread the love! 5th life is hard and thought and beautiful and wonderful! You can't truest appreciate the good times without the hard times.  And last but not least there is opposition in all things. Keep the faith find your joy and believe in good things to come!

We have been so blessed this last year and I pray I can always remember how good The Lord was to us in 2016 and to be more mindful of my blessings and of others for 2017