November 26, 2012

The Good Life

I haven't blogged in forever!! Lots to blog but haven't made the time! When Kensley is awake I like to entertain her more like she entertains me! and when she is napping I'm cleaning/laundry/cooking/sleeping... Kensley Is growing so fast! Grandma Kay was here for 6 weeks! We Loved her visit! so did Kensley! Grandpa/ Papa Johnston came out the weekend before Nana Kay left. K loved it! We went to the State Fair and it was such a blast! K was amazing during the whole day! She ate slept and was awake for alittle bit!  Enjoy the Pictures!!

Nana Kay Left and I was on my own! Thankfully K sleeps great! has from birth! It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be by myself! :) We have been blessed with such a sweet spirit!! She is sleeping threw the night now and that is wonderful! just before her 2 month mark she slept 8 hours straight! and has kept it up! and even has gone as long as 10 hours! She is amazing! seriously the PERFECT baby! She cries when she's over tired sometimes and when she's hungry! she has tons of smiles to share and loves to "talk" She got to meet all her family! well most of all her family :) We are so excited for christmas to be with family again!!