October 6, 2015

Be in the moment

It's nice to be present in the moment in which you know it will be your last. 
Emily is officially not nursing it's been just over a week and it was a morning nursing session and I knew in that moment it would be out last. Tears were in full spring because all I could think was I just lost my baby ( miscarriage) and now I'm losing my baby. We won't have that moment again but I soaked it up and kissed her head and held her as she slept in my arms and thought I wish a picture could capture the emotion I am feeling. Kensley self weaned so it was a total new expirence. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to nurse her for 19 months. I didn't take a picture of our last session but I took this one because I knew I was going to be weaning her soon. I'm glad I took it! 

She is such a beauty and I can't believe how fast she is growing! Love you so much miss Emily!