December 14, 2008

The Big 2 1!!!!

Well I can now leagally Drink and Gamble ! lol Its funny cause 21 is a big birthday ya know like 16 18 and 21! everyone that I told I was turning 21 all said nice so you going to a bar , getting drinks ect... and of course us I don't Drink so turning 21 isn't that big of a deal / milestone however so some reason i really didn't want to be 21 I want to stay 20..or pass 21 and collect 200 dollors and go striaght to 22! something about 21 just sounds old...and its weird cause I remember marking my 13th birthday when I was 11 cause my parents said I could get my ears peirced when i turn 13 and I had a calender paper thing that had 3 years on it and I was so excited cause it was going to be 2000 when I could have peirced ears!! (however my dad gave in and I got them when I was 11) I can remember it like yesterday and that was 10yrs ago. where did the time go:)
Well my 21st Birthday was amazing! I got to wake up to the love of my life, have birthday lunch with my family!, got a beautiful bouqet of flowers from my sweetheart and a super cute card, had dinner with a group of long lost friends!, and watched Twilight! it was a wonderful day! Lance left with my family minus mom monica and landon to Young they left late friday and we girls went out to eat it was fun but my house is way to big for one person! when I got home I was a little scared and heard every little thing! finally fell asleep around 4 and woke up at 6:30 to go to a seminar for my dad at 8! ya basicly i almost fell asleep coming home and when i got home i took a nap and set my alarm to 5pm to get ready for our ward Christmas Party at 6 that went to 8 well i woke up at 8:15pm because i actually set the alarm to 5 AM!!! ya i am extremly mad at myself so thats all i am going to say about that!
Lance comes home tomorrow and I have a homecoming to be at! I am so excited for Lance to come home! I miss him TONS!