August 21, 2008

My Babies

So of course everyone always askes us when we are going to have babies and since we have moved into our house its gotten worse I don't mind when people ask but its moments like these in the photos that make me wish I already had one! However I am not saying i'm baby hungary but my nieces and nephews are very much like my very own babies! i got to play with all 4 of them 2 weeks ago while there parents went to a YTB convention and Grandma watched them and I visited them each day!:) Tonya and Landon had the greatest time together that week! Landon is so good with Ton Ton they were so fun to watch and i love sleeping pictures! so here are two of my favorite niece and nephew my other two favorite were at school:)

August 19, 2008

Like Father Like Son

So pretty much Lance and Ron are twins! seperated by generations and years but they are twins! living in Holbrook for 2 months taught me that and as life goes on and i spend more time with Dad the more I see Lance Which in turns helps me to understand where Lances crazy ideas come from like how Lance gets in these cleaning moods and just starts cleaning like crazy lol heres some pitures of it! I think its hilarious! good thing i have an amazing father in law! ....never mind the pictures will have to come later lol but i'll post them as soon as i can find all the computer stuff to do so lol

August 11, 2008


So fun painting! Lance was so nice to help out he painted the green wall and the red stripes! it was so much fun! We are loving our new home! and hopefully soon will have a party here!:) we have been so blessed! I couldn't be happier!