June 11, 2014

Adventure awaits.....while Mommy is busy

This time Mommy went potty and Kensley dumped popcorn old popcorn too out and I told her to pick it up and she is but taking it outside....it's popcorn it's okay it won't smell as it decomposes in the yard right!? Plus we have tons of birds and she loves to bird watch! So I'm not stopping her maybe I should but I'm not I'm just letting her be little and well feed the birds :) the things she gets into when she knows Mommy is busy either taking laundry out/in or folding it or putting it away or nursing sister or going potty amazes me! She has like a sixth sense I tell ya. Never a dull moment with her:)
 She does how ever do a good job about putting stuff back...most of the time! :) ah man she is a blast!

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