August 30, 2009

All the Things you can Think...

Well we just Celebrated Braden and Heathers wedding! She looked amazing! it was tons of fun and they tried to be sneeky and hide their new XB and told us that they were taking Bradens truck...well after the ceromony i followed their XB and they parked it in a neighbors garage across the street from the reception! So the truck got Bradenized and the XB got classic wedding car treatment. Braden decorated our car, Jarmon and Kelseys,and Jenna and Kalob's....and when he decorates he destroys lol so we were all so happy to get even...and they ran out to their truck and lance was all payback braden! and Heather was all no! and laughed and ran across the street where the garage door came up and low and behold her "no one touches my new car!" was touched! much to her surprise! haha i told her thats what happens when we follow the car from the wedding!! it was Hilarious! we are so happy for them!!

So this week I got an MRI done on my thoracic spine and i got the results back and to no surprise I have 2 bulge discs. So no wonder i still am having pain and soreness. its no fun! i got an estim. on my car $2252 to fix it. It stinks to be in car accidents! i couldn't help clean up the reception on friday night cause my back and shoulder were so sore! anyways everyone drive safe and watch out for the other vehicals on the road.....

August 25, 2009

The Life of The McGee's

well Lance has had a Kidney infection and hasn't been doing so great! poor guy has been in pain and walks around and then stops caus his back grabs and what not :( he has been drinking tons of water and cranberry juice! I feel so bad cause there isn't much I can do about it :( but hopefully he will start to get better VERY SOON!!! and on a brighter note!

Today was my First day working at GEICO! I am working in the GFR office. I am part-time there working Mon, Tues, Thurs, and 2 Saturdays a month! My co-workers are AMAZING! They are so fun! I am really gonna like it there!! :)

August 23, 2009

Savanna born Aug 14th 10:01AM 8lbs 7 oz 20in. PERFECT!

ok so for some reason pictures didn't work so go to this blog to see my cute niece!!

Little gift from heaven! She is soo cute I love her!

My favorite one! Look at her cute lips! Kristy was trying to get her to grin but she pouted instead!

August 10, 2009

Car Accident #2!!

Rack it up! I went 17 years with no car accident. Then 5/13/2005 freaky friday me and my dad and my sis. Kristy got into one. (not our fault)

Now 4 years later on 8/10/2009 I get into another car accident so tell me how I was able to go 17 years accident free and now I can't go 5 years with out one! Grrrrrr

So I was heading in for an appointment with Dr Brimhall and I was on Queen Creek rd reading to get on the i-10 when a young lady decided to get into the turning lane ( the lane i was in) and she thought there was enough room and that i was far enough back....ya she was wrong she ended up side swipping me and my poor car got a beating its not to bad but holy crap I hurt! it took forever for the cops to get there since it was on the rez. by the time I got to my dads office I was really hurting my Back hurt i had a huge headache and my neck was hurting. I am so blessed it wasn't worse but I wish it didn't happen! oh well such is life. here are the pictures of my car.

August 5, 2009

Guest Room!!

So Lance Changed the rooms around so now my craft room is the workout room too and the work out room is now our Guest Room! so before he moved the bed in I painted!! I am now in love with Wal-mart clearance paint!! got them for half off! it was awesome! 2 and 1/2 gallons for 20 bucks! after we made the bed Daisy jumps up on it and no joke If dogs could talk she would have said.."Well thanks for painting my bedroom mom. don't forget to turn out the light when you leave" ya it was hilarious how she took ownership over it in like 5 senconds. anywas its now my favorite room in the house! i love it!

Noone Mourns the WICKED!!!!!

Lance me and Holly Ray!

I LOVE WICKED!!! It was awesome however I wish we were closer it was cool when i saw it in NY cause we were super close and could see all the facial expressions! Loved Glinda! she was soo cute! and did a great job! and Lance who isn't a fan of the theater said it was " That was Pretty Good" now he understands why its my favorite musical! we had a blast and got to see tons of people from EA/ Thatcher! that was cool!

California here we come right back where we started from...

So Lishele and Sean's wedding was amazing! I ended up driving there by myself. they way there was horrible I thought I was going to go insain and then I got a Worlds Famous Date Skake in Dateland...yuck! it was good for a little bit and then the taste just got gross and more gross! after seriously it was only like 3 hours I thought I was going to go crazy then I finally got to the San Diego Temple and it was GORGEOUS!!! I loved it! its now my Favorite Temple! I then got to my uncle Kevin and Aunt Julias house and just in time to leave for my cousins play The Music Man! it was super good I loved it! Saturday the 18th I got to go to the Newport Beach Temple which is like 15 min away from my uncles house! that made it super nice! That was a beautiful temple! I loved it! then it was time to go to Lisheles wedding and it was beautiful she looked like a bride out of a magazine! the whole ceromony was really nice and they make the cutest couple! I got to see my cousin Kris who i hadn't seen in 10 years and that was so fun! the drive home was wonderful! I loved it! over all it was a blast and super nice to drive by myself and have that alone time:)

Birthday Boy!

So Lance had his birthday on the 14th he is now 24! crazy! and we celebrated by going to Outback...which surprised me since he always wants to go toTexas Roadhouse but it was fun and it was his choice as always! :) It was fun having friends and family together!!