July 12, 2012

Bread and Freezer Meals

So It took me a while before I even looked at Pinterest and even then I didn't get it and barely knew what to do. Well not no more! I made homemade bread from a Pin I saw on there! holy moly amazing! I stink at making bread too I can't seem to get the bread to really rise well and this recipe was amazing! I got it from Curvy Carrot click on her name and it will take you straight to her bread post. Its amazing! and it was super easy!

Also I've had A lot of people ask me about my Freezer meals That I did. so I figured I would post about that too! I used the recipes from this blog ring around the rosies  I am going to use this blog Mama and Baby Love     next time for recipes to try them out. I got my list ready to go for grocery shopping and left my apt at 2 pm to go grocery shopping I was finished with all 16 bags ( meals) and clean up in the kitchen at about 7:15 ish so just over 5 hours from shopping cooking and cleaning up after 16 meals and all the meals average to be about 6 bucks each. We have had Teriyaki chicken and rice which fed me and my hubby dinner and lunch the next day! Last night we had sweet and Tangy Meat balls with mash potatoes, salad and a slice of homemade bread :) this one we could have added more meatballs I used turkey meat balls and the sauce was great but the meat balls were weird I think I will get them next time at Costco. So far the recipes have been good and tonight I'm thinking savory chicken for dinner the herbs and spices of it smelt amazing! I'm thinking once I have 2 bags left I will journey out again and conquer the meals again from Mama and Baby Love blog.

July 11, 2012

My Parents

I have posted a few things about my parents and how wonderful they are because they are incredible people.   These two wonderful people have made such a HUGE impact on my life! I seriously have the best parents any one could ever wish or pray for!  They are such a great example to me in many different aspects of my life. They were the first people to teach me how to love. They have also taught me how to have Fun and Enjoy Life even during the tough and rough times. My Mom and Dad met when they were in high school cause my mom's older brother and him were best friends! lol shortly before my Dad left on his mission they dated and fell in love and My Mom waited for 2 years while he served in Japan on a Mission for the LDS Church and he got home in April of 1975 and they were married July 11th 1975. They haven't had the perfect marriage but they have had the perfect love and dedication towards each other in my eyes. Always loving Always wanting to be around each other and Always enjoying life.  My Mom is super Mom in my eyes! She is such a wonderful woman and I am so grateful that growing up I could tell her anything and we were best friends! I marvel at all the things she has had to endure and go through in this life and I am amazed at her ability to see the world and life with such beauty still and with such joy. She gave birth to her first child 2 month early on vacation in CA and My dad and bro were air vac to a different hospital that could care for a premie while my mother waited in a hospital room all my herself wondering if her baby boy was okay. I don't know how she didn't go CRAZY! She had to say goodbye to her Beautiful Daughter after only having her on this earth for 9 months and then went on to have 3 more beautiful daughters that she loved and cared for with all her heart and always was willing to share memories of their older sister that they never will meet in this life. My Dad is as unique as you can get them! he had 1 boy and 4 girls! He has been out numbered for many years and even now he has more grand-daughters then Grand son's! :) But somehow he knew how to raise us girls and let us be girly when we wanted to be and tom boys for the majority part of the time! :) He would let us do his hair and makeup and nails and play dress up with us and make Barbie clothes for our Barbies! lol He always would say when Mom and us sisters were walking with him rather it be walking into church or from a softball game or anything " this is so good for my reputation being seen with such beautiful girls"  over the years it would change and he would say such beautiful young ladies or women. He always showed affection to my Mom and I always knew My Dad loved my Mom so much! and My Mom Loved my Dad So Much! 37 years of marriage and they still can't keep their hands off each other and as gross as it is cause its your parents its also very sweet to know that Mom and Dad after all these years still love one another! I love them so much and I am so glad my Dad asked my Mom to marry her and She said yes! I am also so grateful that they have made their marriage work all these years and what a great example they are to me! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love you both soo much!

July 7, 2012


I am in a total Organize freak mode!  I found this blog/ website MPMK check it out!! She has such an awesome blog! With Great Ideas for organizing your life and house and what not I love it! plus she has great ideas for kiddos! I'm pretty sure I'm in full nesting mode right now because I actually did a cleaning schedule for me so that I can create healthy habits before Kensley comes and I don't feel over whelmed! she had a great post about it here. I did my own schedule thing that I got from her  and from another blog called crafts by ready set love here. Here is how mine turned out.

I still have some more tags to make but I am so excited for it! I am also going to try freezer meals and see how that works with budget and time too. I found a great website here.  I found it on Pinterest and i am very curious to see how it goes. okay now i really need to get ready for the day! lol

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

I can't believe its the 4th of July already! where did this year go!? Last night was our Firework 4th of July Celebration! Addison has a Kaboom Town they do every year and its amazing!! 30 min fireworks display, yummy food and great music! We went with our awesome friends Brook and Ryan and then Josh and Nicole came and then MJ and Kat found us too! It was a blast! Lance has some awesome people in his class and we have made some great friends! We got to watch an air show before the fireworks show too that was pretty awesome! I would post pictures but we totally forgot the camera!! I was so mad we always forget that! We had a ton of fun though! I am so glad we went with friends! Love the 4th of July!

Its crazy to think that a year ago Lance and I found out we were pregnant for the 2nd time and that this Year I'm 28 weeks pregnant for the 3rd time with Baby #1 on her way soon and that Next year we will have Kensley with us to see the fireworks! This Year has been awesome and We are loving our time in Texas! So grateful to all our service men and women and their families who have served our country in the past, present, and in the future. I am Proud to Be an American!

Here's 29 weeks pregnant me! :) 

July 1, 2012

Pinterest Nailed it!!!

Okay so I was on Pinterest looking at cleaning stuff and what not cause i'm in the "nesting" mode like crazy and I thought I heard someone say something about yellow pit stains removal so I looked it up and sure enough found a Pin and today I decided I would test it out! so I started with 1 tbs of Dawn dishsoap and 2 tbs of Hydrogen peroxide mixed it together and then put a little baking soda on the stain since the lady said she did that lol then I poured the mixture on the stains and scrubbed waited an hour and then washed like normal here are the pictures!!

 Before yuck
 Before gross i know

 After! wow!

seriously amazing right!! I love Pinterest! Love this!!! so happy to have white shirts back now!!! woot woot!!