September 30, 2011

59 Years of Marriage!

My Dear Sweet Amazing Grandparents are Celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary today!!  I posted pictures of them here! They are sooo cute! and SOO IN LOVE!!

These two people are such a great example to Me always have been and always will be! They are both so strong in the Gospel and so committed to one another. Its beautiful to see them together and how they still hold hands and my Gramps still opens the door for Grams. Yeah thats what its all about.. Love and taking care of eachother and supporting eachother. Any one who has ever met these two know that They have a lot of Love in them not only for eachother but they just know how to Love people. You can't help but feel it when you are around them! I love these two people soooo much! They gave me my Mom and I will forever cherish them for that alone! They are amazing people and I am very lucky  Blessed to have them in my life and honored to call them Grandpa and Grandma!

When Lance and I were figuring out what song we wanted to be our Wedding Song ya know the Song you have your First Dance to We heard this song and it didn't take us long to know it was perfect!  I posted the song below but have no idea who it is thats in this viedo

But its the only one that had the best audio haha anyways as you can see Lance whos grand parents have been married for 50 years and 70 years  my Dads parents were married for  49 years before my grandpa passed away or they would be celerbrating  61 years this october.  My Parents have been married for 36 years and Lance's Parents celebrated 30 years this last June!  So you See we really do come from a Long Line Of LOVE :)

Congrats Grandpa and Grandma Coleman on 59 Beautiful years of Marriage! Love you both sooo much! and can't wait to party harty for your 60th! :)

September 29, 2011

"You're So Hypnotizing.."

I heart Katy Perry! Her music gives me energy on the Tredmill! I have a lot of her songs on my Ipod because Her songs give me that extra energy and motivation to keep going!! Today I thought I would get on the tredmill and not get off till I hit 5k I did this on Tuesday doing hte couch to 5k and just stayed on longer and did it in 55 minutes today I did it in 43 minutes not letting my speed go less than speed walking..running speed walking running...ect...and the only thing that kept me going was 2 things one Amber my couch to 5k companion who wasn't there but I kept thinking about her and how I needed to do this and Second Katy Perry MUSIC!!!! now I have a huge blister on my heel and the ball of my foot? weird one on each foot how does that happen? I'm starting to think I don't run right or something lol But it was awesome and such a great feeling finishing but I wanted to die! I have a lot of work ahead of me for this 5k in November!!

September 27, 2011

Couch to 5k

So I have heard of this exercise program/ app thing before my wonderful Sister  in law Allison was doing it a while back didn't think about it much when I decided to get my Fitness on! But to my delight a dear friend Amber emailed me about doing it together for a 5k in November here in Dallas. I can't begin to tell you how much I needed that! I have been motivated but I just wished that I had someone else to do things with me! She too want's to get back into shape and like myself has enjoyed running in the past. I remember in Highschool when I was on the Basketball team we had to get inshape and runnining was the thing Coach always said if we can't out score the other team we will out run them! and she was not lying! I never knew you could run soooo much! but I am soo grateful to my B-ball Coach because of her I fell in love with Running! tredmill or outside don't matter but in life we start to put things on the back burner and I got lazy and what not and have tons of excuses to why I am where  I am and started to pick up my love for running agian and her email was perfect timing! I'm gonna own that 5k come Nov 12th! :)

September 26, 2011

100%, 90%

Yes those are the percentages of Lance's Test/quiz scores!! :) One in BioChem 100% and one in Biology Cells and Tissues 90%! He has another test tomorrow in Foundations of Chiropractic! He has studied so much and is at the library A LOT! I am so proud of him and so happy for him that he can see his hard work pay off! :)

September 25, 2011

Forget me not...

Yesterday was the Relief Society Broadcast for the LDS church and it was AMAZING! The words that were spoken that night were exactly what  my soul needed to hear!
The thing that touched my heart the most was Pres. Uchdorf's talk this everything part of it was amazing but these 2 things touched me the most

....Forget not to be happy now. Recalling the children's story “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” President Uchtdorf said people were looking for a golden ticket in a candy bar. Unfortunately, the candy bar itself became an utter disappointment if it did not contain a gold ticket, he explained.
"So many people today are waiting for their own golden ticket — the ticket that they believe holds the key to the happiness they have always dreamed about. For some, the golden ticket may be a perfect marriage; for others, a magazine-cover home; or perhaps, freedom from stress and worry. There is nothing wrong with righteous yearnings."
The problem, he added, comes when a person puts their happiness on hold as they wait for some future event — or gold ticket — to appear.
"The happiest people I know are not those who find their golden ticket; they are those who, while in the pursuit of worthy goals, discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments." ...

..."Forget not that the Lord loves you. President Uchtdorf said as a child, when he looked at little forget-me-nots, he sometimes felt like that flower — small and insignificant. "I wondered if I would be forgotten by my family or by my Heavenly Father."
To the worldwide audience of Relief Society sisters, President Uchtdorf added, "You are not forgotten, sister, wherever you are and whatever the circumstances
"No matter how dark your days may seem, no matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how overshadowed you think you may be, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you. In fact, He loves you, with an infinite love. …
"The love of God and the power of the restored gospel are redemptive and saving. If you will only allow His divine love into your life, it can dress any wound, heal any hurt, and soften any sorrow. "My dear Relief Society sisters, you are closer to heaven that you suppose. You are destined for more than you can possibly imagine. Continue to increase in faith and personal righteousness. Accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ as your way of life. Cherish the gift of activity in this great and true Church. Treasure the gift of service in the blessed organization of Relief Society. Continue to strengthen homes and families. Continue to seek out and help others who need your and the Lord's help."

For me My golden Ticket is having a Baby as  I was taking notes I put this as my Golden Ticket and how I needed to enjoy every moment I have now. Be happy for what I do Have and not dwell on what I don't. Its okay to have these righteous desires but don't forget about the blessing I have right in front of me....AND then the Last forget not that the Lord Loves you. Often times I have thought that maybe he has forgotten about seeing so many other women having babies and getting pregnant and having another baby I often have wondered If he had forgotten about little ol' me Brittany McGee...and last night answered my question. I am not forgotten. and was reasured that Heavenly Father Loves me and Knows me and who I am. It was a beautiful Broadcast.

LDS church news has an article on it where you can find more about all the talks Here

September 22, 2011

Working on My Fitness!

Okay so the amazing thing about Addison Texas is they have an Athletic club! In which all you need to do is be a resident of Addison pay a 1 time fee of $10.00 and you have full access to the club! Its a really nice place with a pool, sauna room, steem room, basketball court, indoor track, tons of tredmills, bikes, stairstepper, spinning ect ...... Yeah its awesome! I have no excuse now to not go work out! So last week I started getting serious about working out and eating better! Watching my portions and so forth because I refused to gain anymore weight and know I need to drop a lot of pounds! So I got on the scale today and low and behold I am 7 pounds lighter! yesterday when  I got on the scale I was 5 pounds lighter and that was a huge motivation for me to work out even more and harder so today to see 2 more pounds gone...yeah I'm gonna go get my Work out on! oh and bytheway Music while I'm working out MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! My Ipod died and  I was freaking out and then my amazing Mother in-law sent me an old one she had! Its been AMAZING!! I got 2G of music on that thing that keeps me motivated on whatever it is I am working out on!  So here's to more pounds leaving me!

September 20, 2011

When all you need is Music

This is why I love music! When I can't seem to find the right words I find the right songs that can.

September 19, 2011

Sleepless Nights

I wake up at 5:15AM but yet it's 10:45PM and I can't seem to go fall asleep...I can't seem to shut my brain off.  It is nights like these that when I am lying down my thoughts wonder and usually to my pregnancies and why I can't be a Mom already and how I came so close and how that hurts and how I don't understand why any woman has to feel this hurt or go thru the pain of Infertility and I find myself not just crying for me but crying for the Mothers who lost their little ones way to soon. My heart breaks not only for my own babies but for anyone who is having to live with the pain of infertility and loss. Hands down no contest this whole infertility and mulitiple pregnancy loss is the MOST difficult thing I have had to face in my life. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
 When I start thinking about when we should try agian... I almost feel defeated already like what's the point I will either not get pregnant or get pregnant just to have a loss again!  but even when I start to feel like that my mind reminds me of the feelings I felt when Heavenly Father gave me a tender mercy and reminded me of his love for me. Then  I think of how there is oposition in all things so If I can feel this amount of pain that just means that there will be that much more amount of Joy....or at least thats what gives me hope. Hope that when my Sunday comes It can heal my heart fully and maybe just maybe help me forget some of this pain.  I'm holding on to the  Hope for better things to come.

September 16, 2011


Well tonight Lance had his Whitecoat Ceremony!! What does that mean you ask? Well we weren't to sure either until tonight! :) So 5:00pm came around and we went to Parker University for their "social hour" before the Ceremony I got to meet a few of Lance's new Family which was awesome.

Then 6:00 came and we all gathered in the GYM and Listen to a few speakers talk about what it means to wear the Whitecoat..ect ect I honestly can't tell you most of what they said cause I was super excited to see Lance on the stage and get his Whitecoat but basicly It's something for them to remeber the code of honors and the student pledge and then once they hit Clinicals they could wear the coat if they wanted too....It was pretty cool! :)

So this is Lance walking the stage to get his white coat!!

This is him with his White Coat on!! woot woot!!
This is Lance during the Student Pledge for Chiro School

This is Lance and his very very Lucky Wife :)

We left and it was RAINING!!! yay! We went to Chili's cause we had a giftcard for it and ate some yummy foods and I being so silly forgot to have the waiter take a pic of us! grr its ok i'm over it. It was a fun night! :) except the part where Lance started to feel like crap :( But over all It was Great :)

September 9, 2011

Flash Back Friday's!

Okay so I'm having Flash Back Fridays :) Today's Flash Back is September 11. 2001

It just seems fitting with the 10th anniversary on Sunday.

I remember that day like it was yesterday I was in 8th Grade and woke up just like any other day when the phone rang which was odd because it was like 6:30 am I was in the bathroom getting ready and  my Dad answered it and I heard him say  turn on the TV! and then I remember him saying " Oh My goodness!" I walked into their bedroom to see what the fuss was about and soon my Sisters followed. To be honest I had no idea what the Trade Center Towers were but remembered seeing them on wasn't until my Dad told me what they were that I realized this was very serious!I still wasn't sure exactly what was happening by this time only one plane had hit and we were watching in awe and then the newscaster started to talke about how it looks like another plane is coming and watching it hit the second tower we couldn't believe it! It was like watching a horrible war movie but instead we were watching real life. We watched them fall and I remember crying because of the lives that were loss and whos lives would be changed forever. I was in such disbelief that this was really happening! We were late for school and when we got there  I remember Grant Haws our student body pres. had us all in student council pass out pins with american flags on them and no one knew what the heck was going on in every room the tv was on watching the news  we had an extra long moment of silient for those in New York and that day it seemed more students were aware of the  words we say in the Pledge of Allegance and it sounded louder to me as if maybe today it was just because it was routine but everyone was pledging their Allegance to America and  had a little more respect for Our Flag and our Country. That afternoon came and in English class Mrs Sheppard had us write about where we were when we heard what was going on and how we feel and what not she went on to talk about the day she was in school and a teacher came runnign down the hall screaming the President has been shot ( John F. Kennedy) and how she will never forget that day and how she wanted us to write about this day because she knew this day was going to be a day that we and America will never forget and that it will be a story to tell our children and our childrens children.... I think that is what has helped me remember it better. My Mom picked us up from school and that evening we just sat and watched the news. I remember later I think it was a week maybe 2 weeks at the CMA awards we watched and listened to Alan Jackson's proformance of him sitting playing the guitar singing " where were you when the world stoped turing" and I remember me and my sisters crying as he sang the song he wrote after September 11th. My heart goes out to every one who lost a loved one that day. and my heart goes out to every Solider and their families who are Serving our Country and I pray for their safety and that they and their familes will be watched over.  Regardless of what politicans are doing  and debates that  are going on I hope we all remember that we are all Americans we need to be united and remember just how blessed we are to be living in the Big Red, White and Blue The United States of America.
 Land of the free and Home of the Brave.

September 5, 2011

Say What!?

So I was reading the Sunday Comics today and I found one that I thought was funny so I read it out loud to Lance who by the way is playing call of duty right next to me on the couch... So I read him this Comic strip in the Dallas Morning News... Ya gotta read the comic to understand the end part of my post.

So I'm laughing Lance doesn't say a word and I move on to reading another comic and seriously 30 seconds later Lances says " um I think..."( doesn't finish his thought.. he continues to play his game)Me: " what?."  
 Lance : " Yeah I think Bears crap in the Woods.".....

Me: WHAT! *bust up laughing*

Gosh I love these random thoughts Lance has!

September 4, 2011

Educate Yourself

This is my blog and I have shared a lot of personal expierence about my struggles with Infertility and Pregnancy loss. I also know a lot of Woman who are in a very similar boat. However I forget that those who haven't expeirenced or known some one close who are in the boat of infertility Don't understand what that entails and I came across a beautiful website/ blog that made me wish more people would read their stories! More people would educate themselves so that when these things happen to our friends or family we can be a support to them and help them and not cause more pain to them by the ignorant things we say to them( and in general) that of course is all in good intentions but forget about good intentions you know what road is paved with them ... Start educating yourself and your friends.  I put it on my facebook page as well but i'm putting it here too!

 For those who want to better understand What some women have to go through when they have a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or infant loss...Here is a link to the Faces of loss and these are their stories
Faces of Loss 

September 3, 2011

Good Things to Come

Last Sunday In RS our lesson was on service but at the end of the lesson the teacher showed us this video. I had seen this veido before  several times but this time it seemed to have spoken to my heart more deeply I felt that this video was just for me and I felt Hopeful and Loved 

The part that touched my heart and brought me to tears was when he said these words but I felt like he was saying

“ [Brittany] Don’t you quit. You keep walking.  [Brittany] You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead.” Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven. But for those who  [ if you ]embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be all right in the end [Brittany]. Trust God and believe in good things to come.

In that moment my Testimony was stregthened I felt the Spirit so strongly words can describe just how I felt in that moment and every time I watch this video. I am so grateful for the Lords Tender Mercies.

September 1, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends....

I love this song! Its September 1st! yay! Lance has Orientation today and tomorrow and I had to take a picture of this exciting day for him :) He got his overnight bag packed and his sleeping bag all ready to go! His orientation is an overnight! He has no idea what they are doing either! The email he got only told him what to bring lol last night we were laying in bed talking about what today brings for him and how excited he we were about today! I made him Breakfast before he left at 7:00 this morning! :) I think he is gonna have fun! We both think that this morning was all offical stuff about FA, insurance, and ins and outs of the school and then after lunch there were going to be loading into a bus..we think thats when the fun begins.. I'm guessing its a team builder/ we are all in this and what I guess I will find out tomorrow exactly what went down :) I hope he has fun!! Lance night he was singing ..Back to school...Back to was funny! He was excited for it to begin! :)