November 29, 2017

Carter Lance Birth Story

Carter Lance McGee finally made his arrive!! 40 weeks 1 day! My longest pregnancy! It was also my first induction!  So Monday morning we got in the van Lance and me and my Mom and away we went to showlow! We stopped at McDonald’s cause i wanted an egg McMuffin lol so i  had an egg sausage McMuffin and hash brown we got to the Hospital about 5 minutes to 8 and they got us all situated in our room My nurse Candy came in checked me and still a 3 cm and 75% effaced. So Pitocin was started and the fun began! Thankfullly my IV went in great! No problems! Pit started at 9 am and the fun started. Contractions were coming but not painful and nothing very strong so pit kept increasing by lunch time 12-1 Candy said Dr Richardson would come in and break my water during his rounds so Lance finally met Dr Richardson and. I was 3.5 centimeters still high but water was broken. I forget how awful the feeling is when your water breaks lol.

Things were still slow moving we walked the halls, rolled on the ball, walked around in the room, sat with my legs in butterfly position it was the most comfy! but my Pit topped off at a 9 because my contractions were consistently coming and doing well.  Around 5 ish maybe 4:30 was a 6 and I was getting a little discouraged that he wasn’t dropping/ engaging contractions were 1-2 min apart around 5 at 6 the nurse shift changed and the new nurse checked me and I was a 7/8  90% effaced baby still high!! I was in the wrorst amount of pain EVER! Pit really makes the contractions 1000x times more intense!!! I mentioned an epidural pretty early on lol but around 6 I was wanting  the Epidural and asking and giving up and miserable so after they checked Lance and mom were like you are almost there you got this!

Seriously I did not have it!! the pain was so painful I could not get my mind in the right focus and relax it was so hard to relax because of the intensity of the contractions! They felt like they were just a few seconds in between them and hardly any rest time for me! So i. Decided 30 more minutes and then I’m getting that epidural!! Well the dude took longer to get in the room!! But 7pm came and I was ready for my Epidural!!! So i pushed the nurse button Lance and mom asked what i needed I said an Epidural!!!!!! Well they finally made it in and they said I needed to sit at the edge of the bed holy cow I could barely move it hurt so bad and my nurse Sophia said if you want the epidural you have to sit on the edge of the bed with that i took a deep breath and moved!! i wanted that Epidural!! Well a contraction came and Stood up to help relieve the pain and immediately felt like i needed to push with it! Lance told me to breath and I looked at him and said i feel like i need to push! The drug dude was like what!? You need to check her now!  So Sophia checked me and sure enough 9.5 and he was lower so she said she was going to get Dr. Richardson. The drug dude was not happy and stated well at this point the risk outway the benefits and I’m not putting you or me in that position and he left and Dr Richardson came in to check me I was already pushing some with the contractions he came in and said yup when you feel like pushing go ahead!  No epidural for me! To late so nurses started coming in and prepping the bed to deliver and I started Pushing A LOt!! I was waiting for contractions to push but dr Richardson seeing baby’s heart rate  finally stated no we need to get this baby out now push! Take a deep breath hold it and push!! This baby needs to get out now. He was calm about it but very assertive and meant business so I knew it was urgent and i needed to give it my all and the. Some the nurses pulled my legs up and pushed down on my tummy and I pushed!!! Head came out and then shoulder got a little stuck and Dr Richardson was really working to get this little miracle out of me safety and sure enough out he came Lance said it was about 5 pushes and he was out it felt like forever and not at the same time lol 7:32pm Carter came Earthside and they placed him right on me the first time they ever did that Lance is usually the first to hold them but not this time! Dr cut the cord cause no one else wanted too! Lol and he was perfect! i could not believe he was here!! FINALLY!!!!!

Dr Richardson gave me a few stitches nothing bad at all thank heavens!!! i am so happy with my choice of doctor and so glad he was able to be there to deliver Carter!! This Rainbow Baby was totally worth the wait!! I got to spend 2 hours skin on skin!! It was great!! He nursed and then they took his measurements!!

8lbs 12 oz
21 3/4 in long

14 3/4 head circumference
14 3/4 chest

He is a healthy baby!! Came home at 8 lbs 8 oz from the hospital he is sleeping great and very calm content baby!! He doesn’t like to be cold and loves to snuggle! He is getting the hang of this nursing thing. i can not believe he is here and that I didn’t get an Epidural! Lance and mom were amazing support coaches and were giving me so much encouragement even when I had no more faith in myself! After dr Richardson left my nurse said well your epidural would be kicking in about now if you got it wouldn’t have worked for you. That made me feel a little better. But holy cow! Pit is brutal and inductions are rough but I am so grateful we did it and that he came when he did!!  Thank you for all the prayers and positive vibes everything went Great!! Lance and my mom were awesome! i could not have done what I did without them!  Another successful birth with no pain meds. Recovery so far has been better than Kensley not as great as Emily’s but i don’t mind!