October 27, 2011

picture over load!

 Woke Up on the 24th to this beautiful fog! ( I LOVE FOG)
It was like this until 11 ish in the morning! crazy!

Raw Crackers! so Yummy! Onion and Flax!

seriously sooo yummy! I am making these crackers even after the 30 day challenge they are that good!

We have been getting rain so our back yard is lookin green! :)

Todays Beautiful Fall Weather! cloudy and cold all day!!

Daisy Likes to hang out with me in the backyard when its a beautiful day :)

For the past week me and her sit on the porch and soak up the beautiful weather today was a little chilly! (55 high)

I just think she is such a pretty dog.

Pumpkin Smoothie!! Abby gave me the recipe! so yummy! its raw and i love it!

that was my dinner :) and it was soo yummy! :)

and then there is that! left was taken in Aug of this year right before we left az I was around 218-217 pounds and then there is me on the right from today (197) so thats a good 20  pound difference...I never saw it much in my face until i put these pictures together! holy cow! I will never be that person on the left agian! good bye super chubby face!

Raw Living

I have had a lot of people contact me with questions about how my Raw Food Challenge is going and so forth and I've been meaning to write about how I am feeling and doing so far. First off I am so glad my Mom and Dad are doing it with me!! Even though they are in Az it helps to know they are just a phone call away and nice to get ideas from them.

So Saturday Oct 22 was the first day! So this is day 6 and I am feeling awesome! My taste buds are already changing I know this because I tried to cheat and I attempted to eat a candy corn and ended up spitting it out cause it was soo sweet and gross! I honestly thought this was going to be really hard and that I was going to be hungry and want "normal" foods but really I have not been hungry often I have to remind myself that its about time to eat something. I can't eat as much all at one time either. My Salad portions have had to be smaller than I usally make them because I can't finish them I am so stuffed!  So you might think what do I use for dressing then?..well I have put a roma tomatoe in a food processor thing and lime juice and spices for one dressing, guacamole for another one I  just put an avocado, lemon or lime juice, salt and veggie broth ( dr jensens) blend it up and put it on my salad. or I use lemon juice that was yummy i had avocado's on my salad and it was good with the lemon juice. i have put a roma tomatoe and avocado and blended them together also and it's yummy dressing :)

In the morning I drink at least 2 Boise State cups of water ( I don't know the oz on them lol ) before I eat something in the AM. Then I either have a green smoothie or a fruit smoothie or just eat fruit the other day I was really wanting a salad so I ate that for breakfast :)

Snacks I have had:

Pear, cashews, almonds, pineapple, half an avocado( and the other half i make into dressing), I made some "peanut butter cookies" aka almond butter, honey and ground almonds and freeze them. very yummy, raw onion flax crackers, raspberries and almond pulp from my nut  milk..so yummy!

Lunch: salads romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, parsley, calantro, tomotoes , bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, celery, sunflower seeds... get creative and change it up I usally don't put all of this in one but I combined and mix between these :)

Dinner- fruit salad, or a lettuce salad, I haven't made them yet but carrot cashew sandwhich are yummy! use romaine lettuce as the "bread" and a slice of tomatoe and onion with the carrot cashew mix ( carrots and cashew are blended up in the vita mix or champion juicer) i've had raw califlower "mashed potatoes"  but used it as a veggie dip and that was gross but i knew it was healthy.

I love fruits and Veggies! all different kinds so eating so much of these in a day doens't bother me at all! I love avocados and tomatoes and pears and apples and nuts! raw cashews are so much better tasting to me than roasted ones. growing up we always had raw cashews and almonds and I would rather eat those raw than have the roasted I like them better that way.

I'll put some pictures up of my Crackers I made last night with the dehydrater. you can use a dehydrater as long as you never heat over 105.

October 25, 2011

Good Bye So long Farewell 200's

Well week 3 weigh-ins were Sunday and I was SOOOO happy!! I am no longer in the 200's!! HELLO 100's!! I never want to see the 200's ever again! I refuse to ever let myself get back there. 18 pounds gone since I decided to change my habits and get off my tooshy and Work out! I've been eating Raw Food's since Saturday and Feel great! I thought I was going to be hungry all the time and so forth not even close! I'm rarely hungry and eat because I know its been awhile or because its "lunch Time" or "dinner time" so I've been happy on it. not cracky or moody or have dealth wishes you can even ask Lance! :) I am feeling good and so much better! Saturday I Biked 15 miles and it felt Awesome! Last thursday or Friday I did 3 miles on the Eliptical and 5k on the tredmill. My first 5k I did on the tredmill was like 55 min and I felt like death! This last one was in 40:17 sec and I felt great! tired yes but death..no! :) I love seeing that difference! I think my body loves Consistancy and will work with me when I am being consistant. I work out 6/7 days and if I don't get over to the GYM I run outside or I do Strength training and pilates in my living room. when I'm watching tv I will do little exercises between comercials too even if i have done my work out for the day. I feel better. just with this little progress I feel healthier and happier with myself and about life in general. I am so glad I came across Amy's Blog because it was her that really inspired me to make a change in my life. I've got a long way to go still and am so excited to get there! :) I keep seeing the quote " A year from now you would have wished you started." Its so true! I am already glad I started :)

October 23, 2011

Awesome Give away!!

So There are some pretty awesome Give Aways Going on right now!

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SO if you want to something for FREE :) Go now! the Giveaway ends soon!!

October 22, 2011

Raw Food Day 1

I Made some Yummy Nut Milk/ Almond Milk today! it was fun I blogged about it Here  and the recipe is there as well.

My snacks today were

A Pear, Raw Cashew nuts, Raw Almonds, Cucumber, and Nut Milk :)

Dinner was this -

Everything is Raw  and it was pretty good. I would make it again.

romaine lettuce, cucumber diced, green bell peppers diced, Raw Peanuts and Sunflower seeds, Cut up Kale(no stem just leaves) and Cilantro


1 roma tomatoe, a little bit of kale and cilantro ( no stems on the kale just leaves)
a little bit of Lime juice
and a bunch of different herbs - sage, rosemary, chives, garlic powder, salt! must add salt or else this has no flavor and just taste like tomatoes lol I think somethign was missing from it as well but I can't figure it out. it was yummy though and i put it all in food processor i think is what its called....lol

Today I was never starving  I was a little hungry for dinner but after that I worked out ( i usally go in the AM) and when i got home i ate some cashews and drank tons of water but never was I hungry really today! :) I was tired but i think that is because I didn't sleep very well last night. So 1 day down 29 to go! :)

October 21, 2011

Before and After Pictures Thus Far

Okay I wasn't going to post hese but I thought I should and after Aunt Mel told me how to figure out how to create photos like this I figured I would. Now these aren't the most beautiful pictures of me one i have no make up on and 2 i'm not trying to look good in them as you can tell but after i uploaded the last pictures yesterday i thought wow i can see a difference not a whole lot  but hey thats 15 pounds  gone Iwas thinking  of  changing  my shirt now since this one is a little  baggy  what do you think should i change it or keep wearing it?

I still got a long way to go and 4 more weeks of Win,Lose, or Blog competion which has helped me a lot to stay motivated! I'm in a habit now that i'm working out  about  5 to 6 days a week and i really don't want to break that habit! Tomorrow starts Raw Foods for the next 30 days! i am super excited for that too!! I will be posting pictures of what i'm eating and where I got the recipes and if they were yummy or not lol .

October 15, 2011

You are what you Eat...

We have all heard that saying at time or another.  Most of you who have followed my Blog and have read my post I tend to go the Natural route on things. Growing up in my house was a very unique expierence. My Dad was raised on Raw Foods he served a mission for the LDS church in Japan with no vaccines and eating Raw Foods many people told him he was going to get sick and harm his body by doing so. However those 2 years he served in Japan not one day was he ever sick. He can't say the same about his companions. He came home in April of 1975 and my Parents were married in July 1975. It wasn't until then that he ate meat and started to eat less raw foods. He became a Chiropactor in May of 1989 and raised all of us kids very healthy minded. growing up we never had cows milk from the store in our home, sugary cereal, candy, chocolate, soda pop, or junk food ( donuts, cookies, potato chips ect..) We were raised on raw almond milk made fresh by my Brother that was his chore and it wasn't until maybe I was 7 or 8 that we started getting Soy milk and Rice milk instead of almond milk. We always had fruits and veggies in our house. We had only Whole Wheat breads with no HFCS (High frutose corn sryup) If we were eating a chip it was a Corn chip and wasn't till I was in High School that we had Potato chips but those were baked all natural chips...we had pita chips humus carob and the cookies we had were homemade sweetend with Honey or turbinado sugar. mostly Honey though. used with whole wheat flour that my mom would usally gound up. We ate Carob candy bars for treats and had soy ice cream or rice ice cream in the house. If we got Ice Cream for our birthday with cake sometimes we could get Bryers vanilla ice cream which is all natural. that wasn't very often most of the times it was carob cake homemade and soy or rice ice cream. I loved it! to this day I love Carob Cake more than Chocolate cake. My Senior year in high school my Dad had us watch a video (I don't remember the name of it ) for FHE and it was one of his documentaries ones and when you're a teenager you think "are you kidding me dad..such a waste of time" even though everytime you watched them you ended up likeing them ( super size me...that was one he made us watch) well this video was about the Meat industry in America and after watching it I was a Vegetarian. cold turkey I think my parents thought I was kidding cause I remember my Mom made chicken for dinner and asked why I didn't get some on my plate and I said Mom I'm a Vegetarian! I'm not eating that chicken..the look on my parents faces! classic!  So the reason I say all of this is because my background in healthy eating goes way back. Well college came and my heatlhy eating habits suffered greatly. I was eating less veggies and fruit and not paying much attention to what I was eating after a year of eating starchy foods, carbs and grains and less veggies and fruit I started gaining weight and Aunt Flow was no where to be found. Summer of 2007 to 2009 I was dealing with cyst on my ovaries and bursting and was diagnosed with PCOS May of 2009. When I was talking with the doctors they asked me if I was always irregular with AF and Never ever was I not until summer of 2007. Most people I have talked to have said they weren't suprised when they got their diagnosis because of that fact. I however was SUPER SUPRISED! I didn't take BC or Metformin to regulate me I went to my Dad for natural suppliments and Fall of 2009 went to Dr Brimhall for Acupuncture where he has a lot of knowledge about PCOS after a month of Acupuncture and watching what I was eating and bringing more veggies and fruits into my diet AF returned and I have been Regular ever since. Never missing a month ( except when I was preggers) When asked about my PCOS by my OBGYN she was very suprised that I was regular and not in so much pain. In my U/S I have had when they have looked at my ovaries they have been very impressed by how they are looking they are still enlarged but Not as many cysts on them....

Well I've been watching lots of documentaries and reading a lot on Health and Raw Foods, Cancer and natural remedies. I don't like that to hear that there is no cure for PCOS and that for the rest of my life have to deal with PCOS. I have to much belief and faith that our bodies can do amazing things to heal itself. So I'm putting myself to a test. I want to try to clear PCOS naturally. No metformin, no Birth control blah blah blah. I'm putting my body to the test. I'm becoming a Vegetarian again and I'm going back to my childhood in a sense. Because I never felt better in my life like I did when I was a vegetarian and eating healthy like my parents raised me. Lance said he was fine with going on a Raw Food diet for 30days. I'm not wanting it to be a diet for me as much as a lifestyle change. I would rather eat more raw foods, veggies, fruits ect. 

This is the way I see it. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! If it doesn't work fine I'm no worse off than I am now. I'm sure by now with how long this post is no one is going to read this and thats fine and if someone is they are probably thinking " Brittany you are crazy, or on crack or a whacky.." but I don't care it's not like I haven't heard those words before my Dads a Chiropractor, I was a Vegetarian before, i've never been vaccinated,  I have done multiple cleanses and Lance is in Chiropractic school. yeah I have heard my fair share of people telling me i'm crazy or stupid or that i'm going to die or that that is sooooo unhealthy!!....yeah I was raised to go against the grain to challenge the "norm" and to always have an open mind and respect peoples own belief and opinions. But just cause I respect them in now way means I agree with them. With that being said if you are still reading this and thinking I'm off my rocker or crazy ect.. do some research see what benefits there are to eating raw foods , being vegan or vegetarian and so forth and research doesn't always just mean internet ask friends and family members if they have or have known anyone who has lived this lifestyle...raw foods, vegetarian, vegan..ect... ask people who have done it or are currently doing it.
Nothing wrong with educating yourself.

October 11, 2011

Weekend via Pictures

Fried Bubblegum....yuck!

The Texas and Oklahoma Game was that morning so much RED and ORANGE at the Fair!

Fried Buffalo chicken in a FlapJack YUMMY!

Swan Lake

Those kept falling from the tree and one hit Dusty and thought we threw it at him and so we were all watching him when one of those Hit him right on the top of the head! soo FUNNY!

While Lance was trying to see the bird that was causing the falling one hit him in the chest! we were dying it was soo funny!

Silly Sisters!

Brotherly Love! lol or what we say Bro Love!

Texas State Fair 125 years!

Cotton Bowl! Where Sooners won! and the longhorns forgot to show up!

Where the Mavericks play..except not this season

 Waiting for the light rail..Lance was super tired!

The Light Rail Ride me and Monica Will never forget!

Texas Land and Cattle company YUMMY

They are soo cute!

excited to have some steak!! but Lance is still tired! lol

October 10, 2011

Suprise from The Grand Canyon State!

My Brother Duston and sister in law Monica suprised me this weekend! Lance picked them up after school on Friday and dropped them off at Dickies BBQ and came home and told me he wanted to go ou and eat today! so we left and I had no clue about Dusty and Monica being here in Texas! Monica video taped it! it was so funny! We had loads of fun went to the Fair ate fried bubblegum = GROSS, Fried buffalo chicken in a flapjack = YUMMY and Fried pineapple up side down cake = Yummy!  It was so much fun talking and playing games and laughing and talking till 4 am and 8 am with dusty and Monica! we watched Strange Brew! oh my goodness so dumb but we kept quoting it all weekend eh! lol we ate some yummy food and had A BLAST!! I am sooo happy and sooo glad they came!!! IT ROCKED!! I love my family and miss them tons!

October 6, 2011

Just like the Movies, That's How it should be...

 So a family member wrote this to me after I showed them a youtube video of this song and I was very taken back by it ... 

"ya I watched it, not impressed. Could see how you like it though, it just has a very unhealthy message for those looking for the right one. Kinda like Twilight and the very unhealthy relationships that our wonderful youth are so into."

I'm a hopeless romantic and I always have been. I love that head over heels feeling you get when you fall in love. I love when scene's from your life make you feel like you're in a movie. First thing that comes to mind is kissing in the rain! Seriously total movie scene and when it happens in real life It's perfect "just like the movies".  and yes I do like Twilight I am not ashamed that for my birthday 2 years in a row we went applesbees and to the movies to watch Twilight and New Moon. but I wouln't say that the relationships are unhealthy.. and how is this song an unhealthy message for those looking for the right one? When you see your sweetheart from a distance and they smile at you and walk over and with out a word plants a soft kiss on your lips and you think that could and probably is a scene from a Movie!

I know life isn't always like the movies but I don't think this song has an unhealthy message. here are the lyrics its from Katy Perry "not like the movies"

He put it on me, I put it on,Like there was nothing wrong. It didn't fit, It wasn't right.
 Wasn't just the size. They say you know, When you know. I don't know. I didn't feel
the fairytale feeling, no. Am I a stupid girl For even dreaming that I could.

If it's not like the movies,That's how it should be, yeah.When he's the one,I'll come undone, And my world will stop spinning And that's just the beginning, yeah.

Snow white said when I was young, "One day my prince will come." So I wait for that date. They say its hard to meet your match, Find my better half. So we make perfect shapes. If stars don't align, If it doesn't stop time, If you cant see the sign, Wait for it.
One hundred percent, With every penny spent. He'll be the one that, Finishes your sentences.

If it's not like the movies,That's how it should be. when he's the one, He'll come undone, And my world will stop spinning, And that's just the beginning.

'Cause I know you're out there, And you're, you're looking for me. It's a crazy idea that you were made, Perfectly for me you'll see.

Just like the movies. That's how it will be. Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending. It's not like the movies, But that's how it will be. When he's the one,
You'll come undone, And your world will stop spinning, And it's just the beginning.

I know life ain't always a Fairytale but I guess I think thats how it should be. I feel like I got my Fairytale. I found my better half and I think we were made for eachother. I felt like I was in a movie. My own love story. So why can't others have that feeling?

October 4, 2011

Workout Anthem

So I love Leona Lewis and this song comes on almost everyday i'm working out and always on the tredmill! I love it I Feel like right now with everything that has happen within this last year I'm finally at a place where I'm just trying to be Happy and working on me It isn't always easy some days but I am   Happy with where I am at in life and Happy to be where i am here in Texas with Lance and  getting him thru school and  growing together. Life is good. Its October and I love October!! The weather is nice and the holidays are just around the corner!  Already wanting to bring out the holiday candles!  I am very blessed to have the life I have and I wouldn't want to trade it with anyone for anything.

"So what if it hurts me? So what if I break down? So what if this world just throws me off the edge My feet run out of ground I gotta find my place I wanna hear my sound
Don't care about all the pain in front of me Cause i'm just trying to be happy, yeah
Just wanna be happy, "

October 3, 2011

Day 1

Well today is the start of WLB!! Check out my WLB blog Here for the next 7 weeks I'll be posting a lot on there :) so Excited for today! gonna go get my Fitness on!

October 2, 2011

And then He Kissed Me.....

5 Years ago I went to General Conference In Utah with a bunch of friends from EAC I say friends now but when we left on that trip I only knew 2 people really Troy and Whitney. Troy had invited me to go after hearing I had never been to Conference before and so we Left I rode with an amazing woman named Kiara and that was the weekend our friendship began. Nieca and Andrienne were among the amazing ladies I also would become friends with on this trip. This to me was a trip of a lifetime for it was on this trip That Kiara said exactly what I needed to hear! I was debating with myself what to do about..Lance McGee this cute guy who kept asking me out and coming over and asking why we couldn't be offical and say we were dating! After leaving conference and on the drive home I knew what I needed to do I needed to see Lance and talk to him! we came home Sunday night and go into thatcher around midnight and my amazing friend Kiara was texting him what I was saying since I was driving hahaha and I asked if I could come by since he was still awake. He said yes. I drove over to his Trailer and was so excited to see him! we cuddled on the couch and I knew he was propably thinking this girl is such a roller coaster! He asked me out on a date for the next evening and I of course said yes! It was October 2 2006 we doubled with his roommate Stratton and Misty ( his wife now), we went potato gun shooting and it was so much fun! I was a little extra cuddly with Lance hoping he would get the clue that I was ready to date him :) That night we talked and I asked him if he was still wanting to date me and he said yeah! and I told him I wanted to date him too! He dropped me off and walked me to my door like a gentleman of course and gave me a look that told me he was going to kiss me! He smiled and Then...He Kissed me :) and we have been together ever since! He is The most amazing,handsome, loving, funny sweet man ever! I am so blessed to be his wife and call him my Husband. He has forever changed my life for the better and I am so happy to have him by my side for all Eternity!