May 27, 2009

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...

Ok so Lance and I have been trying to have a baby since feb '08 and I missed my period and was so excited! I then took a HPT and it read NEG. I then waited a month after my missed period and took another HPT and still NEG i finally went to the drs office where they did 2 blood test and they came back NEG. I then have kept Walgreens in business solely on HPT's lol so I have had Dr appoinments after Dr Appoinments and Blood Tests and Today I finally was given Answers! I haven't had a period since March 17th and its now May 27th and Aunt Flow still has yet to come...well she won't be coming for awhile :( I had an ultrasound done today in which I was praying they would find a little peanut however all there was to find was dozens and dozens of Cysts in both ovaries! The tech then explained that it looks like i have Polycystic cysts which she explained that basicly most women have 2 or 3 cysts i have dozens..also when the egg usally gets released my body doesn't it instead grows bigger and splits into multiple cysts and cause me to miss periods. So I then Talked to the NP Lauren and she gave me the results of my blood work and told me that my testonstone levels were high and that the ultrasound confirmed the polycystic cysts and that my pregestrene levels were low and that my fasting insulin was on the high side. Diabetes ru nin my family like crazy! My Grandmas twin died of comlications with Diabetes and my grandpa on my moms side has diabetes along with an aunt and an uncle. She said with polycystic ovary syndrome it can cause diabetes so she perscribed me Metformin because she said that helps the insulin levels and helps to get my period also. My Grandpa was on that medication before and my aunt said it wasn't very good for him. I am a little worried about taking it. my grandmother has had Polycystic cysts before and she was able to get rid of them naturally. I would like to do what she did and if that doens't work then go on Medications I am not a fan of Medications at all! and my body is not use to those either! I found a website that has tons of natural ways its my mom gave me this website and i'm excited to read more and see what i can do to get rid of this. Its frusterating to me because i have always tried to eat healthy and excerize and do the right things and i try to not worry about it cause that doesn't help at all. So for all those who are wondering if the McGees are prego the answer is NO. As much as I know thats a question everyone asks people who are LDS and have been married as long as me and Lance have been but believe me when I am Pregnant I will shout it out to the whole world! until then those who have babies hold them a little longer tonight for all the women who haven't gotten there Miracle yet. love to you all

May 20, 2009


MY GARDEN IS SLOWLY DYING!! WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO!!!? I water it every day and my squash is dying:( any suggestions!!?

May 19, 2009

All Because Two People Fell in LOVE

Can you Believe it 2 years! Its been 2 years since Me and Lance got Hitched! It Flies by so fast! In the span of 2 years we have lived in 4 different cities, have moved 3 times, have 1 doggie, gone to 2 family reunions, been on 3 cruises together, celebrated 2 years of marriage at the Melting pot, and have spent 944 days totally and completly in love with eachother. Yeah life has been great together! We are so Blessed! So I'm Pretty sure Lance will probablly never see this entry but Lance is the greatest thing to ever have happened to me! Everyday I find myself loving him more and more! and everyday I thank my lucky stars for his parents who raised such a wonderful man. He is such a Great and wonderful Husband! I'm the Luckiest girl! here are some pictures of our lives during these last 2 years! So glad I get to spend Forever with him!

May 14, 2009

Its been a while!

Clayton looks so cute!! i can't believe how big he is!

Tess McGee!! ROCKS MY SOCKS! she is going to state in the 100, 200, and the 400...ya baiscly shes AMAZING! it was so much fun watching her! i was so bummed we missed her last race! she is such a cool girl! love her to death!

my squash!! yay!

Strawberries!! little and sour but yay!

one of our hedges!

yay our grass is growing and Daisy loves it! so do I!

So I am finally gonna post pictures that are long over due! There are of our backyard, garden , Claytons baptism, and our trip to Holbrook