September 13, 2014

Happy birthday Kensley!

September 12, 2012 a day I will never forget and always remember like it was yesterday little Miss K was born! Our sweet Rainbow baby turned 2!! How is that even possible!!!? Where has the time gone!!? She is such a sweetheart and such a joy to have in our home! She loves baby dolls, playing with our dog Daisy, balls, dirt, playing in the rain, playing outside, loves green smoothies, sweet potatoes, eggs, avocado, carrot juice, pizza, cheese and yogurt, she loves music and dancing and loves making her sister laugh! She plays pretend and it's so cute to watch!! She loves hide and seek!! Taking walks in the stroller and pushing the stroller around the apartment! She loves phones, purses, climbing on things, drawing, coloring, and lives blowing kisses and giving hugs!:) she loves books and Storytime and loves to FaceTime family:) 

So grateful to have her as our daughter! 

September 10, 2014

Jamberry Adventure!!

After day 17
August came around and I finally decided to sign up as a consultant! I have always been hesitant to do direct sales or sign up with stuff because I honestly hate pyramid schemes and I'm not good at 'selling' stuff to people. But I absulutely  fell  in love with Jamberry Nails after I went to my friends launch party in feb. Now I wish I joined then haha but I didn't which is fine I'm having great success and loving the journey of building my team and sharing Jamberry nails with others! I love that even when my make up ain't done and my hair ain't brushed at least my nails look GREAT!! :) if you haven't heard of them or tried them let me know! They are high quality vinyl nail wraps no chipping no fading non toxic and can last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes!!:) there's is seriously something for everyone with over 300 designs! Take a look at my own JAManicures and if you want to see all the designs check out my website! Http://