January 21, 2011

Waiting at CVS

Yep this is what I have been takin' the good old Metformin... my Last bottle is waiting at CVS I still have one bottle thats almost still full I've forgotten a couple of times and got about a month and a half behind so I feel like I am over flowing with Metformin. I can't wait for it to be done! If I'm not preggers by March my Doc is gonna give me........drum roll please!! dadadadadadadadad


January 18, 2011

2011-Life Happens

The Beautiful Copa Sunset! Gotta Love Arizona! :) With it being 2011 this year has lots in store for the McGee family :) and as I was looking back at the Past 4 years of our life together a huge smile comes to my face its crazy how much has happen with in those 4 years!
We have lived in 4 different cities
1. Holbrook 2. Tucson 3. Mesa and 4. Maricopa
The places we lived in have been the basement of Lance parents house, 2 Appartments and 1 House.
we have been employed by Hopi Art, Gap, Geico direct, UPS, Wells Fargo, Lifestyle Balance, Geico GFR, and Grand Canyon University ( so I've had several jobs since lance has had only 3 out of the 8 lol)
We have been enrolled in 4 different Colleges
Pima community( YUCK) UofA, Westwood, and Grand Canyon University
Tragedy hit and we almost lost our awesome Brother in Law but have seen countless Miracles!
got pregnant and then had our hearts broken:(
Bought our first car together , had our car stolen and then recovered, sold our first car, bought our first truck.
been in 4 car accidents,(just me) been on 3 Cruises and our 4th is booked(yay!!) got a puppy who is like our Child.
Got 3 new neices :)
had one family member pass away. (love you Aunt Carol )
I would say alot has happen in those years! Its crazy to think about all that stuff but not a day goes by that I don't Thank my lucky stars and My Heavenly Father that I was able to go through all of this hand in hand with my Sweetheart right next to me:) Its been a Great Journey and I look forward to all the years to come!

These 2 Beautiful figures from WillowTree are 2 of my favorites and Lance picked them out for me for Christmas the left is called "Together"-for those who have found their true partner in love and life. the one on the right my favorite "Promise" -Hold dear the promise of Love. this one I opened first and just cried. it melted my heart and was the perfect gift this season.

the two in the middle are dear to me. so very very dear to me.
after I went to the dr. and was told I had a complete miscarriage and lost our baby I for some dumb reason thought I was fine to go back to work but I wasn't and I drove to the one person I needed a hug from. My Mom. for some reason her embrace is just magic. It was Dec 9th 2 days before my birthday and Mom had my gifts already wrapped. She said that today I could open my gifts and she gave me the
Angel of Harmony-In harmony with life's rhythm
who is playing the flute and Surrounded by Love -Abundant love surrounds you and we both cried because she didn't know what would happen that day but her sweet spirit picked the two I needed the most:) we both ended up crying and she said she was sorry for making me cry it was suppose to make me feel better. and they did. I love Willow Tree's I forgot how much I loved them and am so glad and so grateful for Susan Lordi and her amazing beautiful talent.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

The wonderful Ellis's oh the story behind this picture! haha so funny
You can't beat Dave's ugly leather patch sweater! Rachel making ugly sweaters look good! love them!

Classis ugly sweaters! AWESOME! Josh and Krystal nice job! :)

Lance looks like an old man!! and I had no other choice but to get this sweater goodwill and savers let me down. still ugly but not as ugly as i was hoping for!
FHE is such a blast! the couples are awesome and we have way too much fun! love it!

Temple lights!

The Brandon's First Outing= a HUGE SUCCESS! It was sooo AWESOME!

The night these two love birds got engaged!! yay! so excited for their wedding March 18th 2011!! woot woot!

the other 2 lovebirds who are crazy In Love with eachother ;)

October 2010 long over due update

So this was one of the Funnest trips ever! Mexico with the Moores is THE BEST! In October last year we went to Rocky Point and just chilled for the weekend! ate tons of taco's had yummy Maria's Tortas breakfast which I still crave and my First taste of Thrify Ice cream! YUM YUM! It was the perfect time to go and we had a blast! I'm pretty sure alot of it had to do with the company we were with :) The Moores are pretty much Family to us! I love living in Copa but I know one of the reasons we are here is so that we could met them. I'm about 99.9% positive we knew them in the pre exsistence!

this was a sign in our Hotel room that I thought was hilairous!

January 12, 2011

So This is The New Year.....

Today is my Dear sweet amazing Mother in law's Birthday! She is pretty much amazing and I feel SOOO blessed to have her as my second Mom. plus she did an amazing Job Raising her Son! seriously this woman can do just about anything! One day when I am bopping out babies and Lance is a Nurse and we are living in Holbrook I will have her teach me her mad skills! :)

I still can't believe its actually 2011! so crazy!

Lance has an interview for a manager position tomorrow and I am so excited for him! just wish it was in Maricopa but Chandler ain't bad! :)

Can I just say I can't wait to Graduate...and no it won't be this year! but I'm one year closer! woot woot! :) nothing much has been going on just the norm. we got our new years goals all written down and I am soo excited!

I need to get my pictures off my Camera! so I can post pictures! maybe next time.

January 5, 2011

I don't understand...

I don't understand when people say things like this:

J:my little is so cute when she sleeps we call her our little burrito!
C: yeah they are cute when they are little wait till they get bigger and they start elbowing you in the face and rolling and hitting you and you can't sleep because of it. Right now its hell.

Ok lets look at this cute parent telling how cute she is and then BAM a parent who says soemthign so *makes me want to bunch them in their olvaries*
really really its Hell? WOW isn't someone a little dramatic! 1. your kid is sleeping in your bed when they are 11 months old news Flash if you don't like change it! they make these crazy little beds with bars to make sure little kids and babies don't roll out what the name of it.... oh yeah a CRIB! your "hell" is your own fault. and 2. really really your 11 month old is hell because she moves around while she sleeps. Its thats Hell then what is this thing called that I am going through!

I was watching Parenthood *love* last night and A woman was complaining and said becasue its been 3 months and her husband and her are still not pregnant. Really try 3 years and then get back to me. I know its just a TV show but between those two things happening with in 24 hours of each other I just wanted to SCREAM!

GRRRRR. Ok sorry but I had to get that off my chest I know I don't know how it is to be a parent and have sleepless night and I'm trying to say its not hard and it will be a piece of cake but what I don't understand is that Parenthood is Tough! of course you have to teach these precious kids how to be a good person and how to learn things that they will keep with them forever. But it doesn't last forever....those little hand prints on the mirror leave and move out sooner than you will ever think.

There are tons of people out there who would die to have those little elbows hit them in the face while they sleep, make a huge mess and the list goes on.... so not to affend anyone but holy smokes once I have my kid I'm gonna be a feakin awesome MOM! lol not cause I'm never going to have hard times with them but because I know how life feels with out them and I'd take that worst day I have with my kid(s) then a day I had waiting for them.

I'm just get a little well maybe a lot jealous some days. I feel like hitting them in the forehead and saying you could have used a V8 I just can't wait for my day to come and I'm holding my child in my arms. I'm crossing my fingers and praying 2011 is our year. I don't mean to sound so bitter I just don't understand sometimes.

January 3, 2011


I can't Believe its 2011!! I keep telling Lance we really need to have a kid on 11-11-11 :) how cool would that be! cross our fingers :)

This year is full of tons of things going on Garrett and his Beautiful bride to be Deveney will be married on March 18th
Tess Graduates High School in May
and Alli Graduates From Nursing school!!

so excited for 2011!!

so 2011 Bring It ON! :)