July 30, 2011

Blood Work Blood Work Blood work...

Monday is my last day of blood work! so far I have been super neaseous and thrown up a few times its been awesome!i notive when I eat the foods i'm craving i feel alot better!  no spotting or cramping which is SUPER GREAT!  Tuesday can't come sooner! trying to pack up the house has been a little challenging but my Awesome Sister in law Allison has been helping me and my Amazing Mom (in law) is coming to help next week too! I have an amazing Family and feel very blessed to have them in my life!

July 27, 2011


Well I wish I could post pictures of our ultrasound but the tech didn't give us any since they couldn't see the baby  or find the heart beat just a sac.( which i thought at one of pictures when she was moving it around and what not that i saw something little on one of the sides and i thought she was gonna say there we go but she just by based it)   My ultrasound confirms i'm 7 weeks preggers and DOc sent me for blood work to check levels rising and 3 times and then had me schedule another appointment on Tuesday for an ultrasound....if levels are rising and ultrasound comes back the same i have a blighted olvum and if my body didn't naturally M/C i would need an D&C or she said if from now until tuesday i start spotting she told me that it will be a M/C she also said if my levels are rising the ultrasound could come back and we see a baby and heart beat then. she didn't want to diagnosis anything with out bloodwork and another ultrasound.

so of course i Googled it and found forums that had a good amout of ladies who said this happen to them and their 7 or 6 week ultrasound and the docs told them they need a D & C said no and waited and a week some 2 weeks they had an ultrasound and low and behold a baby and strong heartbeat so for now since i'm still pregnant and still feeling sick i'm confused but i'm hopeful. I'm praying baby likes hide and seek and comes tuesday we find baby! So please keep us in your prayers! thats really all we can do now :)

July 25, 2011

Morning Sickness...say what?

I'm pretty sure the person who named it "morning" sickness was a guy. I think it sould just be called Pregnancy sickness because it happens all day long! lol Its been great I have been very happy that i'm getting sick its a really good sign plus its a reminder to me that I have an amazing miracle baby in me and that makes it all worth wild.  yesterday was the first day I threw my guts up and it was awesome! i had my morning shake of spinach, strawberries, and blueberries and for some reason my body didn't  want it in my tummy very long totally threw it all up! plus throwing up a shake isn't that bad so i'm glad thats what i ate! plus lately i've just been neaseous all day long pretty much and after throwing up i had like 2 hours of not feeling neaseous so it was AMAZING! I feel like a little kid at church with my "snacks" aka keep my tummy feeling okay crackers and what not. this pregnancy hasn't even come close to being the same as last time. I think its cause its a healthy pregnancy and plus i am further along than i was before too. so tomorrow I have my first ultrasound and I'm soooooo freaking excited for it. Almost feeling like I'm dreaming like it hasn't hit me that tomorrow I'm gonna see my little baby and hear his or her heartbeat I have no idea how thats gonna be but I hear its one of the best feelings ever so I'm super excited! especially since the last time I had an ultrasound to check on the baby my uterus was completly empty and they confirmed my complete miscarriage so its gonna be awesome to see something! and HEAR something too!! 

Not a day goes by that I don't feel like I really have to enjoy every moment even the neaseous and throwing up because I know there are so many wonderful women who would do anything to be in my situation and I know this because I use to be one of those women who would give their right arm to feel "morning sickness" or feel gross because theres a baby inside of you not because you have the flu or anything. I am very grateful for my little big miracle and I refuse to complain about it because I just can't its just to wonderful and i've waited so long for it. I pray everyday for couples to get their miracle and to get it SOON!

July 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure....

I am a total Dork and I know this for one I have peed on what like 8 or 10 sticks because I love that TWO BIG FAT LINES show up!

and the other one well watching women post on youtube their pregger result video...some are hilarious cause the camera is not showing anything and so it makes the girls look crazy and others are just so sweet and touching that I cry and laugh watching them! so if you are bored check out youtube pregnancy tests lol

OH i have an ultrasound tuesday to verify i'm 8 weeks (9 weeks come tuesday) and to hear heart beat!! :) so beyond excited i could scream!!!!

July 19, 2011

Doctors Appointment

So I have a Doctors Appointment at G & P  fingers cross the dr will send for me to have an ultra sound that day!! I wanna hear my babys heart beat sooo bad!! plus it will confirm if I am 7 weeks or 9 weeks preggers this week!!! either way I am further along than I have been and that makes me feel so good and relieved...Have I told you how much I love Pro gest cream and Acupuncture!? because I LOVE THEM! Today was the first I had a  VERY VERY strong Craving...Chinese Food! so i made this yummy dinner and it totally hit the spot! I feel so VERY VERY blessed and grateful to be in this situation and I am so HAPPY :)

1,250 Days...

Thats how many day's I have waited for this 1,250....

That is 29,976 hours I have waited for this....

That is 3 Years 5 Months and 3 Days I've waited for this...

On July 4th 2011 I woke up like any other day we watched the hot dog contest we watched the patriot and national tresure we ate yummy BBQ!! and then right be fore we went out side to the fireworks I thought maybe I should take a test didn't think much of it and didn't even tell Lance cause I was thinking it wasn't a big deal it would come back neg. or it was to early for anything anyways but i ran back to the bathroom to look at the test before we went outside and to my surprise it had 2 Lines!! 2 LINES!!! I couldn't believe it so i grab a flashlight because out lights were all out for the fireworks we were gonna watch in our backyard Lance came in to grab the camera and I told him I had something to show him I shined the flashlight on the test and Lance said what is that!? " what does it look like?" i said. " i don't know it kinda looks like a test but i've never seen one like that before" ( it was a strip so not a pee on the stick one) i said do you see the two lines? he said yeah when did you take this test? i said tonight! he was so suprise one because i usally tell him when i'm taking a test and 2 i didn't tell him this time and it was early and it was POSITIVE!!!we hugged and cried a little and then watched the most beautiful fireworks display! it was the best 4th of July EVER!! later that week i got a first response test and on my missed period it came back with another BFP!!! for anyone who has followed my blog you know this isn't the first positive i have gotten last novemeber i got one too...and this month I would have been due to have the baby but in stead the Lord blessed me with another one on its way! I have been so blessed! I have been using progestrone cream and acupuncture and I believe 100% that is how i was able to get preggers. i have kept using progestrone cream to help keep the pregnancy strong and healthy and so far i have been pregnant longer than last time and have no reason why this pregnancy won't go full term....The Doctors are hopeful and we are too! I just want to let you all know i still pray every night for those friends and family that are still suffering with Infertility and I pray your miracle day will come SO SO SO SO SOON!!

3.2012 I can't wait to see you baby!!

July 17, 2011

Summer Time

This last week I spent in Young Az. with my sister Kristy, Nikki and Monica and my Mom! plus my sisters kiddos! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! we got a lot done mowing and clearing out stuff and making the ranch look good for the Family reunion that was this weekend! I can't believe how much my nieces and nephews have grown! it was awesome to spend time with them and to see family before leaving too!! I love spending time with Family! now this weekend Lance goes to Texas to find us a place to live! :) so excited for that adventure but of course gonna miss family and friends like crazy!!!

July 8, 2011

Its So Hard When It Doesn't Come Easy

I  have always loved the Dixie chicks...this song makes me love them even more!

July 5, 2011

FInding Good music..

I love listening to music and finding new songs and new artists I'm having a dry spell....so Who are your favorite bands, or artist or songs?

Favorite song this time last year

I love this song!! hayley williams has a beautiful voice! totlaly makes me think of driving back and forth from gcu and taking Marlee home after Alli dropped her off at work....Great song :)

A song from your Childhood...

Oh my gosh this brings me back to when my best friend growing up Brittany H. and her sister Ciera were fighting in their garage and I started to cry cause they were yelling and then for some reason this sng came on a couple of days later and we started laughing so hard cause i was the next door neighboor crying lol now everytime i think of this song i think of my Best friend my next door neighbor Brittany :)

July 4, 2011

All Gave some, Some Gave All....

I feel so blessed to be apart of this Great Country and the wonderful History we have for all the founding fathers and their families I give thanks and wish that more Americans can have a little more pride and educate themselves in what America is all about.

 To all the Men and Women who have served this country and are currently serving Thank you! Thank you for the husbands wives and children of all our soilders  for their Sacrifice and Courage and to all the rest of their familes! Mothers Fathers ect...so celebrate our freedom, honor those who gave all and respect those who are serving to keep us free today. God Bless America

July 3, 2011

A song you wish you could play

i really like this song and i think it would be cool to be able to play it!

July 2, 2011

Free.99 !!!!

So I really like LOVE Coupon Sense! I got 2 Free Colgate toothpaste and I think that is SERIOUSLY the coolest thing ever! Thanks Bashas and Coupon Sense!

July 1, 2011

A song you can Play on an Instrument..

I U use to play the Viola in jr high and so mad i stopped!  but i use to be able to play this on my viola! played it for the class of 2002!