May 17, 2015

8 years with the love of my life!

8 years today I married my best friend!  Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine a love like ours. I knew the moment I saw The cute guy every one was calling lance that I was gonna marry him and since that moment my life will never be the same. He has been the greatest husband I ever could have asked for and more! He has held me countless nights as I sobbed over the loss of our two babies and has made me laugh so hard I didn't know it was possible to laugh that hard. He has been there as my greatest Birthing coach during labor with Kensley and Emily I have held him as he wept for a family member. We have been by each others side from day one and he is not only a great husband to me but a wonderful father to his daughters! I still remember the look on his face when he handed Kensley to me for the first time with tears in his eyes and joy in his heart. Everyday with him is amazing even if that amazing is a hard day or rough or there was a miscommunication somewhere I wouldn't trade any of our days together for the world! I am so excited I get to be with him for eternity! Lance you still make my heart skip a beat! I love you. Always have always will! 

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