February 28, 2011

Forever and Always...

This last weekend we got to go back to San Diego where it all began for me and Lance he Proposed to me Jan. 10th 2007 in San Diego on the carnival Cruise Port! This was the first time we as a couple were going back to San Diego! We got to see our Dearest Friends get Sealed for Time and All Eternity and it was soooo Beautiful!! They are such a cute couple and perfect for eachother it was wonderful to see them get sealed and be a Forever Family :) They are amazing!
We had fun eating yummy food and being in the Beautiful City of San Diego and on our way home we drove through Snow it was sooo weird! who knew San Diego gets snow! It was one of the best weekends ever! We got a great deal on our hotel from Priceline! I recomend that! :) This weekend just made us that much more ready for our Cruise Vacation!! Life is Good! I feel soooooo BLESSED!!

February 22, 2011

Good Things to Come


This video is just what I needed today! i started looking up the mormon messages and this one caught my eye and touched my heart.

February 20, 2011

Let The Good Times Cruise....in 70 days...

Well Before the Kids start coming we wanted to plan a vacation that could keep us satisfied for a long time so Me and Lance are going on a Euopean Cruise we leave April 28th sail out of Venice on May 1st! 9 days cruising we are sooo excited! Carnival Magic here we come! we figure if we aren't preggers by May we shall have a Italy baby then! lol We are sooo excited!


February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

V-day was a blast!

I made Mel's yummy Tortaleni (sp?) and yummy bread sticks and it was AMAZING! we had left overs that I got to eat for lunch! yum! we had a 4 course meal and it was yummy! We watched Bachelor and I am soooo Glad Michelle is gone!

So glad I was able to spend V-day with my love and am so grateful for all that he does for me and all of his support and love. He is such an incredible Man.

crossing my fingers and hoping we have a November baby ;) lol

February 8, 2011

6 Days 'til V-day

I have fallen in love with "the Band Perry" and this is one of my favorite song of theirs

I was meant to be by your side And I have waited here a long time
For you to turn around and notice me
But now you're here holding hands with me

Walk me down the middle of the county fair Walk me down the middle like you don't care
Walk me by the ferris wheel And make sure she sees
Let the whole world know you belong to me

I heard about your bitter end About how she stole your heart and put it back again
Well I may not be the prettiest girl around But I sure am a sight for sore, sore eyes

Walk me down the middle of Main Street Walk me down where the whole town will be
I don't need no parade But make sure that she sees
Let the whole word know you belong to me

I'd walk through fire for you Walk through barbed wire for you I'd walk for miles, it's true Just to be with you

If you walk me down the middle of my momma's church
Walk me down that aisle in your finest shirt

Let the whole world know you will Walk me down the middle of the county fair Walk me down the middle like you don't care Walk me by the ferris wheel And make sure they see
Let the whole world know you belong to me
You belong to me

February 7, 2011

The Month of L.O.V.E

I love February! Its probably one of my favorite months...for many reasons....here is my list

1. My Daddy was born on the 12th

2. My sweet angel sister was Born on the 5th

3. The 14th is Valentines day

4. its the shortest month

5. every 4 years this magical thing happens and you get to add a day to it :)

6. I have always wanted to have a kid on February 29th! :)

so I'm not big on Valentines day cause honestly Lance does a good job through out the year spoiling me but its nice to see that everyone is thinking of doing something nice for their somebody special.

So the count down begins Valentines day is in 7 days!

I'm gonna share my past Valentines with who ever is reading this...Lance always finds the perfect cards:


the card read:

For My Wonderful Wife

" You are the best part of the best years of my life.

If someone were to ask me what a perfect day would be, I wouldn't think of places that have lovely sights to see. I wouldn't wish for sunny skies or special thinks to do. For i'd just want to have a day that I could spend with you...

And if someone were to ask me what would make a perfect life, I'd simply say " I have that," for I have you for my wife

Happy Valentine's day

with all my love

He went on to say how he found the perfect card and so forth :) I loved it ya just gotta love Hallmark :) so share a little love with those you care about this February :)