October 15, 2011

You are what you Eat...

We have all heard that saying at time or another.  Most of you who have followed my Blog and have read my post I tend to go the Natural route on things. Growing up in my house was a very unique expierence. My Dad was raised on Raw Foods he served a mission for the LDS church in Japan with no vaccines and eating Raw Foods many people told him he was going to get sick and harm his body by doing so. However those 2 years he served in Japan not one day was he ever sick. He can't say the same about his companions. He came home in April of 1975 and my Parents were married in July 1975. It wasn't until then that he ate meat and started to eat less raw foods. He became a Chiropactor in May of 1989 and raised all of us kids very healthy minded. growing up we never had cows milk from the store in our home, sugary cereal, candy, chocolate, soda pop, or junk food ( donuts, cookies, potato chips ect..) We were raised on raw almond milk made fresh by my Brother that was his chore and it wasn't until maybe I was 7 or 8 that we started getting Soy milk and Rice milk instead of almond milk. We always had fruits and veggies in our house. We had only Whole Wheat breads with no HFCS (High frutose corn sryup) If we were eating a chip it was a Corn chip and wasn't till I was in High School that we had Potato chips but those were baked all natural chips...we had pita chips humus carob and the cookies we had were homemade sweetend with Honey or turbinado sugar. mostly Honey though. used with whole wheat flour that my mom would usally gound up. We ate Carob candy bars for treats and had soy ice cream or rice ice cream in the house. If we got Ice Cream for our birthday with cake sometimes we could get Bryers vanilla ice cream which is all natural. that wasn't very often most of the times it was carob cake homemade and soy or rice ice cream. I loved it! to this day I love Carob Cake more than Chocolate cake. My Senior year in high school my Dad had us watch a video (I don't remember the name of it ) for FHE and it was one of his documentaries ones and when you're a teenager you think "are you kidding me dad..such a waste of time" even though everytime you watched them you ended up likeing them ( super size me...that was one he made us watch) well this video was about the Meat industry in America and after watching it I was a Vegetarian. cold turkey I think my parents thought I was kidding cause I remember my Mom made chicken for dinner and asked why I didn't get some on my plate and I said Mom I'm a Vegetarian! I'm not eating that chicken..the look on my parents faces! classic!  So the reason I say all of this is because my background in healthy eating goes way back. Well college came and my heatlhy eating habits suffered greatly. I was eating less veggies and fruit and not paying much attention to what I was eating after a year of eating starchy foods, carbs and grains and less veggies and fruit I started gaining weight and Aunt Flow was no where to be found. Summer of 2007 to 2009 I was dealing with cyst on my ovaries and bursting and was diagnosed with PCOS May of 2009. When I was talking with the doctors they asked me if I was always irregular with AF and Never ever was I not until summer of 2007. Most people I have talked to have said they weren't suprised when they got their diagnosis because of that fact. I however was SUPER SUPRISED! I didn't take BC or Metformin to regulate me I went to my Dad for natural suppliments and Fall of 2009 went to Dr Brimhall for Acupuncture where he has a lot of knowledge about PCOS after a month of Acupuncture and watching what I was eating and bringing more veggies and fruits into my diet AF returned and I have been Regular ever since. Never missing a month ( except when I was preggers) When asked about my PCOS by my OBGYN she was very suprised that I was regular and not in so much pain. In my U/S I have had when they have looked at my ovaries they have been very impressed by how they are looking they are still enlarged but Not as many cysts on them....

Well I've been watching lots of documentaries and reading a lot on Health and Raw Foods, Cancer and natural remedies. I don't like that to hear that there is no cure for PCOS and that for the rest of my life have to deal with PCOS. I have to much belief and faith that our bodies can do amazing things to heal itself. So I'm putting myself to a test. I want to try to clear PCOS naturally. No metformin, no Birth control blah blah blah. I'm putting my body to the test. I'm becoming a Vegetarian again and I'm going back to my childhood in a sense. Because I never felt better in my life like I did when I was a vegetarian and eating healthy like my parents raised me. Lance said he was fine with going on a Raw Food diet for 30days. I'm not wanting it to be a diet for me as much as a lifestyle change. I would rather eat more raw foods, veggies, fruits ect. 

This is the way I see it. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! If it doesn't work fine I'm no worse off than I am now. I'm sure by now with how long this post is no one is going to read this and thats fine and if someone is they are probably thinking " Brittany you are crazy, or on crack or a whacky.." but I don't care it's not like I haven't heard those words before my Dads a Chiropractor, I was a Vegetarian before, i've never been vaccinated,  I have done multiple cleanses and Lance is in Chiropractic school. yeah I have heard my fair share of people telling me i'm crazy or stupid or that i'm going to die or that that is sooooo unhealthy!!....yeah I was raised to go against the grain to challenge the "norm" and to always have an open mind and respect peoples own belief and opinions. But just cause I respect them in now way means I agree with them. With that being said if you are still reading this and thinking I'm off my rocker or crazy ect.. do some research see what benefits there are to eating raw foods , being vegan or vegetarian and so forth and research doesn't always just mean internet ask friends and family members if they have or have known anyone who has lived this lifestyle...raw foods, vegetarian, vegan..ect... ask people who have done it or are currently doing it.
Nothing wrong with educating yourself.


Wendi and Matt said...

I read the whole.thing. :) And I never once thought you were crazy! I'm the exact opposite from you growing up but I consider myself healthiest in my life! :) Thanks to E's allergies I've learned a TON about food. You def are what you eat! I think the movie your talking about is Food Inc??? That movie was really great for me to see. I am not a vegetarian but pretty much after that movie I ONLY eat grassfed beef and once a week and know the farmer myself! I love what that movie did to me! :) I wish you well! I have heard a lot of good things about raw diet!!!!

jack+alli said...

you are awesome! i completely agree with you. our bodies are amazing creations and i think god has given the earth what we need to heal ourselves; healthy foods and other plants. it's now up to us to use them to our benefit.
i'm not sure i could do 100% raw, i like too many things that are cooked! but i believe and try to eat a lot of raw foods everyday. i'm jealous of your childhood! that's how i try to live now- but dang, not to the same level! what awesome parents you have! i'm going to want that carob cake recipe :) i love using honey or maple to naturally sweeten things.
i havent seen supersize me, but i've watched food, inc. and yeah- made me veg, too! i'll have a little bit every few weeks, but it's the organic, grass fed free range variety and even then i don't really care for it. it's not something i crave. and i don't drink cows milk- i like rice milk or almond milk.....which, how did your brother make?! i've tried making it once- it's hard! what's the secret? :)
have you made lara bars before? so good! or banana soft serve? all yummy raw treats. here's a few raw blogs i sometimes read, too: http://www.choosingraw.com/

ps: will you post more about what you're eating and how it's going? im very interested! you're such an inspiration! love you girl! xoxo