October 27, 2011

picture over load!

 Woke Up on the 24th to this beautiful fog! ( I LOVE FOG)
It was like this until 11 ish in the morning! crazy!

Raw Crackers! so Yummy! Onion and Flax!

seriously sooo yummy! I am making these crackers even after the 30 day challenge they are that good!

We have been getting rain so our back yard is lookin green! :)

Todays Beautiful Fall Weather! cloudy and cold all day!!

Daisy Likes to hang out with me in the backyard when its a beautiful day :)

For the past week me and her sit on the porch and soak up the beautiful weather today was a little chilly! (55 high)

I just think she is such a pretty dog.

Pumpkin Smoothie!! Abby gave me the recipe! so yummy! its raw and i love it!

that was my dinner :) and it was soo yummy! :)

and then there is that! left was taken in Aug of this year right before we left az I was around 218-217 pounds and then there is me on the right from today (197) so thats a good 20  pound difference...I never saw it much in my face until i put these pictures together! holy cow! I will never be that person on the left agian! good bye super chubby face!


Wendi and Matt said...

Totally link the recipes please!!! Those crackers/avocado looks yummy!

McGee said...

recipe for crackers:

2 cups sunflower
2cups Flax seeds
1 red onion
1 tbs of basil, oregano, and thyme
1/4 cup braggs amino acid ( its a healthier soy souce)

soak the sunflowers and flax seeds in water for about 4 hours and then put the sunflower seeds and onion into the blender and then mix together in a bowl the sunflower and onion blend, flax, amino acid and herbs and then sped them out 1/4 of an inch think on the plastic try inserts of your dyhydrator at 105 degrees for 6-12 hours.

I didn't have enough for 2 cups of sunflowers so I only used 1 cup of each seeds and then kept everything else the same on accident but they came out yummy!!

Katie Burgi said...

Good for you Brittany! Sounds like we are on the same track, but you're going faster. I was 209 back in June and am finally @ 193. Goal is 178 by New Year's! Best of luck to both of us!