October 11, 2011

Weekend via Pictures

Fried Bubblegum....yuck!

The Texas and Oklahoma Game was that morning so much RED and ORANGE at the Fair!

Fried Buffalo chicken in a FlapJack YUMMY!

Swan Lake

Those kept falling from the tree and one hit Dusty and thought we threw it at him and so we were all watching him when one of those Hit him right on the top of the head! soo FUNNY!

While Lance was trying to see the bird that was causing the falling one hit him in the chest! we were dying it was soo funny!

Silly Sisters!

Brotherly Love! lol or what we say Bro Love!

Texas State Fair 125 years!

Cotton Bowl! Where Sooners won! and the longhorns forgot to show up!

Where the Mavericks play..except not this season

 Waiting for the light rail..Lance was super tired!

The Light Rail Ride me and Monica Will never forget!

Texas Land and Cattle company YUMMY

They are soo cute!

excited to have some steak!! but Lance is still tired! lol

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readerfam said...

helloooo mcgee's!! I love all your pictures it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun in texas. I wish Dallas and I could get away from Az for a while. Im glad you're doing so well, love ya both! keep postin' girl!