October 10, 2011

Suprise from The Grand Canyon State!

My Brother Duston and sister in law Monica suprised me this weekend! Lance picked them up after school on Friday and dropped them off at Dickies BBQ and came home and told me he wanted to go ou and eat today! so we left and I had no clue about Dusty and Monica being here in Texas! Monica video taped it! it was so funny! We had loads of fun went to the Fair ate fried bubblegum = GROSS, Fried buffalo chicken in a flapjack = YUMMY and Fried pineapple up side down cake = Yummy!  It was so much fun talking and playing games and laughing and talking till 4 am and 8 am with dusty and Monica! we watched Strange Brew! oh my goodness so dumb but we kept quoting it all weekend eh! lol we ate some yummy food and had A BLAST!! I am sooo happy and sooo glad they came!!! IT ROCKED!! I love my family and miss them tons!


Wendi and Matt said...

That is so funny!!

We Are in it to WIN said...
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MarshandKrissy said...

What a fun surprise! Strange Brew...oh that brings back so many memories of college. We sure miss you!!!!