September 1, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends....

I love this song! Its September 1st! yay! Lance has Orientation today and tomorrow and I had to take a picture of this exciting day for him :) He got his overnight bag packed and his sleeping bag all ready to go! His orientation is an overnight! He has no idea what they are doing either! The email he got only told him what to bring lol last night we were laying in bed talking about what today brings for him and how excited he we were about today! I made him Breakfast before he left at 7:00 this morning! :) I think he is gonna have fun! We both think that this morning was all offical stuff about FA, insurance, and ins and outs of the school and then after lunch there were going to be loading into a bus..we think thats when the fun begins.. I'm guessing its a team builder/ we are all in this and what I guess I will find out tomorrow exactly what went down :) I hope he has fun!! Lance night he was singing ..Back to school...Back to was funny! He was excited for it to begin! :)

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