September 4, 2011

Educate Yourself

This is my blog and I have shared a lot of personal expierence about my struggles with Infertility and Pregnancy loss. I also know a lot of Woman who are in a very similar boat. However I forget that those who haven't expeirenced or known some one close who are in the boat of infertility Don't understand what that entails and I came across a beautiful website/ blog that made me wish more people would read their stories! More people would educate themselves so that when these things happen to our friends or family we can be a support to them and help them and not cause more pain to them by the ignorant things we say to them( and in general) that of course is all in good intentions but forget about good intentions you know what road is paved with them ... Start educating yourself and your friends.  I put it on my facebook page as well but i'm putting it here too!

 For those who want to better understand What some women have to go through when they have a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or infant loss...Here is a link to the Faces of loss and these are their stories
Faces of Loss 

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