September 22, 2011

Working on My Fitness!

Okay so the amazing thing about Addison Texas is they have an Athletic club! In which all you need to do is be a resident of Addison pay a 1 time fee of $10.00 and you have full access to the club! Its a really nice place with a pool, sauna room, steem room, basketball court, indoor track, tons of tredmills, bikes, stairstepper, spinning ect ...... Yeah its awesome! I have no excuse now to not go work out! So last week I started getting serious about working out and eating better! Watching my portions and so forth because I refused to gain anymore weight and know I need to drop a lot of pounds! So I got on the scale today and low and behold I am 7 pounds lighter! yesterday when  I got on the scale I was 5 pounds lighter and that was a huge motivation for me to work out even more and harder so today to see 2 more pounds gone...yeah I'm gonna go get my Work out on! oh and bytheway Music while I'm working out MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! My Ipod died and  I was freaking out and then my amazing Mother in-law sent me an old one she had! Its been AMAZING!! I got 2G of music on that thing that keeps me motivated on whatever it is I am working out on!  So here's to more pounds leaving me!


Amy J said...

This might sound bad, but save some of it in case you get picked for the competition! :) That would stink to lose a lot right before it and not have it counted! With that said, way to go!

Wendi and Matt said...

Keep up the good work!!!