September 30, 2011

59 Years of Marriage!

My Dear Sweet Amazing Grandparents are Celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary today!!  I posted pictures of them here! They are sooo cute! and SOO IN LOVE!!

These two people are such a great example to Me always have been and always will be! They are both so strong in the Gospel and so committed to one another. Its beautiful to see them together and how they still hold hands and my Gramps still opens the door for Grams. Yeah thats what its all about.. Love and taking care of eachother and supporting eachother. Any one who has ever met these two know that They have a lot of Love in them not only for eachother but they just know how to Love people. You can't help but feel it when you are around them! I love these two people soooo much! They gave me my Mom and I will forever cherish them for that alone! They are amazing people and I am very lucky  Blessed to have them in my life and honored to call them Grandpa and Grandma!

When Lance and I were figuring out what song we wanted to be our Wedding Song ya know the Song you have your First Dance to We heard this song and it didn't take us long to know it was perfect!  I posted the song below but have no idea who it is thats in this viedo

But its the only one that had the best audio haha anyways as you can see Lance whos grand parents have been married for 50 years and 70 years  my Dads parents were married for  49 years before my grandpa passed away or they would be celerbrating  61 years this october.  My Parents have been married for 36 years and Lance's Parents celebrated 30 years this last June!  So you See we really do come from a Long Line Of LOVE :)

Congrats Grandpa and Grandma Coleman on 59 Beautiful years of Marriage! Love you both sooo much! and can't wait to party harty for your 60th! :)

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