August 30, 2011

My Best Friend

This Is seriously the Man I never get tired of waking up in the morning to, Looking at, Laughing with, Living with, and Loving! 5 years ago this month I met this handsomest, most amazing guy ever in the little town of Thatcher, Arizona right there in the Institure Buliding to be exact lol and I never could have imagine just how Happy I would be and Married to such an amazing Person! Lance is seriously the most amazing Man! He is such a good person and so caring and thoughtful and honors his Priesthood and is SOOO GOOD LOOKIN ;) ( such a bonus! )haha but Seriously I never get tired of hanging out with him! Since we have been In Texas and I don't have a job yet we are both home together pretty much all day doing things together or doing our own things like me unpacking and Lance throws away the boxes or He will go to the store while I clean up and what not or we laugh together at something Daisy did or go to bed but end up talking and laughing all night! Thats my favorite! We tell eachother everything!! We have known eachother now for 5 years now and have been married for just over 4 and with no kids it has really allowed us to build our relationship as a couple and really get to know eachother and just have fun. Of course it all hasn't been fun the Poor guy has to deal with a very emotional wife! but He is so great and never complains at least to me about how difficult I can be :) and we have our moments like all marriages do. We have had our fair share of difficult times and heart ache with all the baby stuff but he has been so sweet and so kind during everthing rather it be flowers and a card just out of the blue or cause he knows i'm having a hard time or when he came home early from work after our last ultrasound that confirmed we had no baby anymore and brought flowers with him He is sooo considerate of my feelsing! we have grown so much closer and understand eachother a lot better I am SOOO blessed to spend Eternity with him and grow old with him. He is such an amazing Husband and friend and I know one day He will make such a GREAT Dad and our daughters will want to marry him! lol I am so lucky  Blessed to have him in my Life. I never thought you could love someone so much! 

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Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Britt, I know first hand how extraordinarily good the Lord is to give desperate angel baby mama's like you and I the amazing men He did. It makes our struggles, sadness, emotional moments, and ttc so much easier than it would be if they were any less of the men they are. I am so happy you have Lance. Love you doll!