August 21, 2011

Addison Texas!!!

Okay so pictures to come but for now the story/ our journey to Texas!

We left Maricopa around 10:45am on Wednesday after Daisy got her last hair cute from Pet Stylist and we said our goodbyes to Alli and ROy and Marlee = SUPER HARD! During this last year Me and Alli have gotten super close and every time she came home from school and clinicals we would talk for  awhile and now its just weird! She is one of my Best friends and I won't see her for a long time so anyways before I start crying again! We came into Mesa so we could say goodbye to my Aunt Judy, Brother Dusy, and Sisters Nikki and Kristy and her family. all really really really really HARD! But we got on the road to Holbrook! Got to spend time with Lance's Mom and Dad and Sister Tess and also got to visit with Lance's best friend from childhood on up Cayla which was great!

My Parents got there Wed night and then Thrusday morning we had 13 hours and 13 mins to drive to get to addison we ended up leaving Holbrook at about 8:30 am because my Mom lost her wallet!! and she needed ID in order to come home on the plane so we needed to go to the DMV to get her a new license! Still haven't found the Wallet :( We were making pretty good timing for pulling a Trailer We got to New Mexico and got some gas and this guy was seriously 10 feet away from the pumps in the parking lot of LOVES and had a sign that said OUT OF GAS! and had 2 Gas cans as well sitting by his car! I don't Lance Who's gonna tell that idiot he is in the parking lot of a Gas Station! I wish I took a picture of it! obviously he wanted the money but why not do that further away from a Gas Station!? haha well our plan was to get to Witchita Falls thursday and then drive the rest of the way Friday morning we Got Witchita Falls and Lance says lets go all the way! so I called my Dad who was driving the car if he was good to drive the rest of the way he said Yes! So Lance Drank a Red Bull lol We arrived in Addison Texas at about 2:00am Texas time so Midnight AZ time. We stayed at Quality Inn and Suites just a mile from our Appartments and got some well deserved Sleep! Daisy did great through out the whole trip!! Mom and Dad flew out yesterday and I got the kitchen unpacked and most of the living room today we are unpacking Bedroom and Bathroom completly! Our Ward today was really nice! I have a good feeling about it however I MISS MARICOPA 2nd WARD! It was weird to go to church and not see familar faces! but everyone is really nice so I am excited for our new adventure for sure!!

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