August 4, 2011

Feeling the Love

Wow between the comments and the messages I have recieved I am definently feeling the Love. Thank you so all of your sweet and kind words. They mean more to me than you will ever know.

I want to make sure you guys know that Me and Lance are doing very well all things considering. I thought if this happened to me again I would lose it but really emotionally it hasn't been near as bad and I think for one its because of the prayers in our behalf and this time a baby didn't develope so it wasn't as heart breaking for me. does it stink i'm not gonna have a baby yes don't get me wrong but I can't dwell on that becuase dwelling on it won't make it better won't magically make a baby appear so I have chosen to not let this get me down. Last time was extremly hard EXTREMLY! poor Lance i'm sure wondered if I was ever coming back or gonna be the same. but  this time I prayed the day of the 1st ultrasound and honestly just gave it to Heavenly Father. Some times crap happens but everytime this stuff happens me and Lance grow so much closer as a couple and grow as a person and closer to Heavenly Father that I wouldn't change anything. I know one day our Sunday will come and we will be able to hold our sweet little big miracle's in our arms and we will be the most amazing parents ever! :) but until then we will put our Trust and Faith in Heavenly Father because He is the only one that sees the whole picture.


JPK said...

You are amazing!

Rach said...

You really are an amazing woman! Heavenly Father is giving you such trials because he knows that you will handle them with such grace. HE will bless you when the time is just right. You will be an amazing Mom!

Wendi and Matt said...

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