August 16, 2011

Moving Day!!

I can not believe the day has come!! I can't sleep tonight but by the time I post this it will be Moving Day for the McGee's and Thats CrAzY!!! Our house is packed and ready to go and it is sooo weird to see our house this way! It's kinda sad I get super sentimental and the fact that this is/was our First Home and I totally love it and would still be living in it if we could makes me sad to leave it and the memories I keep taking tons of pictures of it so that I can show our kids their parents first house! We have been very blessed with our Short Sale and have 2 Offers in and maybe another 1....we aren't the only ones  who agree our House is AMAZING!  I feel so blessed to be able to have such great memories here In Copa and in our home. I know we were suppose to come to Maricopa and I am sooo Glad we did! There are amazing People here!! I keep telling Lance how Bitter Sweet this move is bitter because we are moving so Far away and gonna miss our family and friends and our home and maricopa and we have alot of friends in our situation that can relate to us in our baby troubles and have alot of support here! but Sweet because Lance finally figured out what he wants to do for his Career and is very happy about it and excited for new adventures in a new State! all we have known (minus Lances mission in Idaho) is Arizona! Everyone so far has had nothing but good things to say about Texas and I'm super excited about that :) so like I said Bitter Sweet move. TO anyone thinking of buying a house look in Maricopa its the BEST!! :) and if you can move to Maricopa 2nd Ward its the greatest Ward EVER!!! and I am going to miss All of the Young Women! and alot more people too. I guess this is the start of a new chapter in book of Lane and Brittany McGee...(some would say McGeek :) tehhehe )

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