August 27, 2011

Farmers Market

First off this was the Biggest Watermelon I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! A guy who was there buying stuff said thats the sweetest watermelon you will have you can't get that at walmart! :) lol thats what made us get it! That and the fact that it was HUGE!

Look its longer than our Toaster Oven and HUGE! BUT! It was the Best Watermelon Lance and I have ever had!! SO GOOD! plus its huge and still super sweet and juicy and PERFECT!

Peaches...Texas Peaches...So this is from the Dallas Farmers Market and one they have you taste the food! they cut it up in pieces and slices and you cna try it! yummy! This was the best Peach slice I have had and that cute guy selling it..when I say cute I mean he was old and totally country!! He said "This here is the Sweetest Peaches ya'll gonna find this side of the Mississippi" :) HE WASN"T LYING! I'm not a huge fan of Peaches but holy cow!!! These Peaches are the Sweetest this side of the Mississippi!! hehehe :) SO YUMMY!! I ate 2 or 3 just yesterday! and I'm really not a fan of peaches!!! We got some cherry tomatoes cause get this Lance said I like those on Salad's.......Lance eats Salad cause I put it on his plate if i didn't he wouldn't eat it but since we have been here! He notices we are low on lettuce and gets more!! SO AWESOME! We also got Freash Green Beans, White necturines and I think thats it. LOVE THE FARMERS MARKETS HERE!!

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