August 4, 2011

Hcg Drop

Well I called triage today at about 11:00am for my HCG level results 89,801..So I got my List of things I would need and headed to Walgreens to pick up my perscriptions. Picked them up got some Taco Bell and headed home. I put some chicken in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce so Lance would have dinner and myself with out me having to do nothing pretty much. so 12:45 came and I took my first round of Cytotec.
( Lets rewind and remember why I have to do this. I have a Blighted Olvum aka Missed Miscarriage,  its been 10 weeks since my last period and my body thinks its pregnant the longer I wait for a my body to natually sluff the stuff off the higher my risk is for a Septic Pregnancy which can lead to infection and Surgery and problems in the future for getting pregnant so the sooner the better)

Okay so like I said 12:45 cytotec and 1:12 I took  one lortab since Tylenol can put me to sleep pretty good I figured I would only need one. I WAS WRONG! from 2:40 until about 6:30 today I had the worse pain you can even imagine!!!! I took another lortab at 2:40 when the pain was kicking in and never got relief at all!! we are talking so painful I throw up!!!! It was 50 times worse than last time and lasted alot longer!! Finally when my 4 hours had been hit I took 2 Lortab at once at 6:30pm it finally kicked in made me feel so weird Lance said I was singing before I fell asleep I asked me what song I was singing he said all kinds of songs! bahahah I don't even remember! I feel asleep for 2 hours finally with no pain! It was wonderful!! Ate dinner and one of my best friends Darcy came over to drop off flowers and food the YW wanted to give me :) so sweet of them! I missed mutral tonight which  I was sad about :(  but Feeling better with my pain meds in me and doing good!  SO glad my Mother in law is coming tomorrow to help me pack! She is amaizng and I love her so much!! THank you everyone again for the prayers I appreciate them! Lance and I are doing very well and our spirits are high and  I know your prayers have helped!

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