August 27, 2011

Don't Mess with Texas

Bedroom I put most of our wedding pictures in here :)

Our nice Walk in Closet yes it is smaller than we are use to but it totally works!


Lance's study room office and Daisy's cage room
all our dvds and blu-rays fit on it! yay!

Living room chilling while he can!

Living room

I just love this one a cute wedding pic, willow trees that my mom got me that i will never forget and kristy made amazing tile that makes me think of my family :) "Family- We may not have it all together BUT together we have it All."

Kitchen! its a little bigger than i thought it would be :) DISHWASHER!! love it

The box is where our toaster oven is now Its ALOT smaller than our dream kitchen is AZ but it totally works and is nice and cozy :)

I love the Texas Pride! :) Its everywhere! The state flag can be seen more than the American flag! signs that Say Don't mess with Texas litering fine $300 so great! or DWI you can't afford it! with up in the top corner of the sign saying Don't mess with Texas! lol  We have gotten alot done in a week! come monday we will have our own Internet and that I am super excited about! I've been applying and trying to apply lots of places! it will be nive when the internet is working fast and what not! :) We have one last room to finish unpacking which is my craft room slash catch all room :)  But Lance has everything he needs to start classes and what not so its all good! The people here are super nice and friendly! SO far So good :)

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