August 22, 2011

Baby Fever....

We went to Target today to get a Digital antenna and walked past the baby clothes and accessories :(  Such cute little onezies and cute baby socks and blankets and strollers and car seats....and so forth and it just made me happy and sad mainly sad! Happy because when we do have our baby there are such cute stuff for he or she  can have and wear....and sad because well 1.  I could have already had a baby in those cute onezies and 2. I could have had a baby in those cute onezies come Feb of next year :( but instead I have option 3. No baby, No Baby, No cute Onezies, No Baby, NO BABY...instead I just have more of the waiting game and that Awesome waiting game is having to be pushed further forward because I again have no baby and can't try to have a baby for the next 2 months...oh Happy day!...*sarcastic tone* Sometimes I just feel like SCREAMING!  Grrrrrr Sorry for the venting session but its my Blog and  I can pout if I want to!

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