July 1, 2012

Pinterest Nailed it!!!

Okay so I was on Pinterest looking at cleaning stuff and what not cause i'm in the "nesting" mode like crazy and I thought I heard someone say something about yellow pit stains removal so I looked it up and sure enough found a Pin and today I decided I would test it out! so I started with 1 tbs of Dawn dishsoap and 2 tbs of Hydrogen peroxide mixed it together and then put a little baking soda on the stain since the lady said she did that lol then I poured the mixture on the stains and scrubbed waited an hour and then washed like normal here are the pictures!!

 Before yuck
 Before gross i know

 After! wow!

seriously amazing right!! I love Pinterest! Love this!!! so happy to have white shirts back now!!! woot woot!!

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