July 12, 2012

Bread and Freezer Meals

So It took me a while before I even looked at Pinterest and even then I didn't get it and barely knew what to do. Well not no more! I made homemade bread from a Pin I saw on there! holy moly amazing! I stink at making bread too I can't seem to get the bread to really rise well and this recipe was amazing! I got it from Curvy Carrot click on her name and it will take you straight to her bread post. Its amazing! and it was super easy!

Also I've had A lot of people ask me about my Freezer meals That I did. so I figured I would post about that too! I used the recipes from this blog ring around the rosies  I am going to use this blog Mama and Baby Love     next time for recipes to try them out. I got my list ready to go for grocery shopping and left my apt at 2 pm to go grocery shopping I was finished with all 16 bags ( meals) and clean up in the kitchen at about 7:15 ish so just over 5 hours from shopping cooking and cleaning up after 16 meals and all the meals average to be about 6 bucks each. We have had Teriyaki chicken and rice which fed me and my hubby dinner and lunch the next day! Last night we had sweet and Tangy Meat balls with mash potatoes, salad and a slice of homemade bread :) this one we could have added more meatballs I used turkey meat balls and the sauce was great but the meat balls were weird I think I will get them next time at Costco. So far the recipes have been good and tonight I'm thinking savory chicken for dinner the herbs and spices of it smelt amazing! I'm thinking once I have 2 bags left I will journey out again and conquer the meals again from Mama and Baby Love blog.

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Stacie Lou said...

I am so excited to try all of those freezer recipes too. Also, I am on a big baking bread kick. Funny thing is that I only have one bread pan too! SO we are also baking using an 8 x 8. OH well, it doesn't affect how crazy delicious it is. Happy cooking!