July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

I can't believe its the 4th of July already! where did this year go!? Last night was our Firework 4th of July Celebration! Addison has a Kaboom Town they do every year and its amazing!! 30 min fireworks display, yummy food and great music! We went with our awesome friends Brook and Ryan and then Josh and Nicole came and then MJ and Kat found us too! It was a blast! Lance has some awesome people in his class and we have made some great friends! We got to watch an air show before the fireworks show too that was pretty awesome! I would post pictures but we totally forgot the camera!! I was so mad we always forget that! We had a ton of fun though! I am so glad we went with friends! Love the 4th of July!

Its crazy to think that a year ago Lance and I found out we were pregnant for the 2nd time and that this Year I'm 28 weeks pregnant for the 3rd time with Baby #1 on her way soon and that Next year we will have Kensley with us to see the fireworks! This Year has been awesome and We are loving our time in Texas! So grateful to all our service men and women and their families who have served our country in the past, present, and in the future. I am Proud to Be an American!

Here's 29 weeks pregnant me! :) 

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