June 18, 2012

Sunday Will Come...Sunday has Come

Elder Wirthlin's Talk in Conference 2006 has been far one of my favorite talks of all Time I've shared it many times on here and Its been on my mind lately.  To read it again Click here

I am so use to writing or talking about my infertility trials and heartbreaks and my " Fridays" But lately I see my reflection in the mirror or on cars or my shadow and I see my baby bump and I find it hard sometimes not to just break down and cry no worries its tears of Joy!  It amazes me that I am actually pregnant still. and a part of me is sad . My heart aches for my friends who are waiting for their Sunday to come and to become pregnant and have a baby of their own. I will never understand why Heavenly Father has some of his children go through infertility heartache and why some don't. I don't know why I am pregnant and others aren't  But I know that every moment I have during this pregnancy I am soaking it up and I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience "morning sickness", snissing ( its when you sneeze and pee at that same time yeah just started experiencing that lol) leg cramps, baby kicks, bunches and rolls, round ligament pains, and every other pregnancy symptom I have had! I can't believe how fast it is going by and feel so lucky to have this chance to raise this precious Daughter that the Lord has given us. I am grateful for the pain I've had to go through cause it makes this so much more happy and joyful and I feel so much more grateful to experience this. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so grateful that My Sunday has come and can't wait to hold this little girl in my arms and  kiss and hug her like crazy! As much as  I want time to go by slow so I can soak up all this pregnancy joy I can't wait for September to come and meet my sweet Kensley finally!!

so for anyone reading this who is TTC don't lose hope! don't give up! Keep trying for your miracle! I pray for all those who are fighting the infertility battle that Your miracle will come soon. That your Sunday will Come as well.

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