March 1, 2012

Healthy Shake!

I love smoothies and shakes! My favorite kind of breakfast! I love making shakes for snacks as well :) This one is one of my favorites!! Juice Plus Complete! They just made new changes to it too!! Thankfully the changes have made it even yummier! < thats not a word I know.

6-8oz of Rice Milk- I use Rice Dream original ( 120 calories, 1g protein, 100mg of sodium 2.5g Fat)
1 cup ICE
I scoop (1\3 cup)  Juice+ Complete ( 120 Calories, .5 grams fat, 220mg sodium, 20g carbohydrate, dietary fiber 8 g, 10g sugar, 13g of Protein)

Blend in Vita Mix or blender

and voila! Yummy Healthy snack or meal! :)

I Love this!!  Juice Plus is not found in store Its something you have to order from a distrubitor...My Dad is one so thats where I get my Juice Plus and Juice Plus Complete :)


Katie E said...

Loving your blog:) One question about the shake mix, does it mix well with fruits and such? My chiropractor is a distributor of Juice Plus as well so it'd be pretty easy to get.

McGee said...

Mixes awesome with Friuts! Most of the time thats how I have it I will put it in frozen fruits! :) so yummy!!