March 19, 2012

One By One

I know another video but what can I say Music is very dear to me! I love looking up music and video's on youtube and I found this one by Hilary Weeks One by One and it made me think of all the times I've felt forgotten or insignificant and wondered If Heavenly Father really knew who I was and I realize more and more how much he knows me and everyone of us and how much he loves me. I have had a couple of sweet friends lose their little babies within the last 2 weeks and my heart breaks for them. These ladies are wonderful women and will be wonderful Mothers and it stinks they have to wait longer before they can hold their little one. It's hard not to think about my baby angels when I hear news like this and I know things happen for a reason I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Faith that I have that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ  truely knows and loves us one by one. In whatever we are facing in life He knows our hearts and he Heals us One by One because we matter to him! We are special to him. I love reminder songs like these. Because lets face it its easy to forget when your facing your battles and trials but then a song like this plays and reminds me of our Savior's Love.

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