March 23, 2012

Moments that take your breath away...

There are moments in my life where I stop and take a mental picture if I really want to remember something and I kid you not it works! to this day I still remember being 8ish driving on the dirt road from Young with my family and Micheal McLean song " she see's a diamond" song was playing and I was looking out the window and thought I wish this moment could last forever! *snap* that was the sound of the mental picture :) As I have gotten older its worked the same our drive back from Rocky Point Triathlon just Me and My Mama and Daddio and a storm was coming in the distance and the skies were beautiful! We just had one of the best weekends ever!*snap*  Lots of Mental pictures have been taken and I cherish all of them! My favorite Mental Picture would be my wedding day I felt like I was in a dream like this really wasn't happening cause it was just to perfect and everything was beautiful and I had the most amazing man by my side. It was one of those days that you dreamed about and saw other people enjoy and was excited but never really thought you'd be old enough to have that moment.  I'm not sure if it's because of the waiting for your day to happen makes that day sweeter but I think its a combo...A combination of the waiting for something great and having the right person / people there to celebrate with you.

The Last 11 weeks have been mental picture after mental picture after am I in a faiy tale? You have you life planned out when your, marriage, babies..ect...but sometimes there is a lot of space between those events that you never thought you'd have. like It is 1512 days
( 4 years, 1 month, 22 days ) of space between us TTC to today. To some that may not be a lot and for some their space might be longer or shorter but this is Our space and those 1512 days have seen some pretty dramatic, emotional, heart breaking, wonderful, magical, sweet, bitter, beautiful days. I think its because of those flippin hard days and heartbreaking events that happened that make this day that much more sweet and wonderful. I wouldn't trade any of those days for the world because  I know that I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for all of those 1512 days.

I got to see my sweet baby wave to me on the screen yesterday and it was so precious to see such little fingers already and I just wanted to have that moment last forever so mental picture was taken and I can't help but think that little one was saying " Hi Mom...I'm finally coming! sorry it took so long"  Its an amazing feeling when you have the perfect day not because everything went right on that day but because of where I am and who I am with that is what makes the perfect day. I actually felt like wow this is really happening I'm having a baby....I still can't wrap my mind around that but its becoming easier the more times I see the Baby.  So thank you 1512 days for everything you blessed me with. You have made this day that much sweeter.

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jack+alli said...

Such a sweet post! I still couldn't believe it even as I was pushing him out. I kept telling myself, that's my baby! There he is! I stared at him for days, weeks, month, and even now , with that same phrase running in my head. Congrats sweetie! Xo